Gold ear cuffs now available :)

Happy V-Day! :)
What's everyone doing?
I decided since my boyfriend always spoils me, I would *try* to spoil him a bit on V-day~

Okay here's an new pic of an old earring design:
can be found on the earrings page

New pic of an older ear cuff design:
Can be found on the Ear cuffs page

And some new ear cuffs...
 NEC71 Single Ear Cuff 
4.5mm Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Stud

 NEC72 Single Ear Cuff
Simple GOLD ear cuff with a gold & silver chain

 Gold Dangle Cuff
Chain lengths of 3" & 2.5"
 NEC73 Single Ear Cuff
Simple 3 chained ear cuff. Chain lengths: 3.5" 3" & 2.5"

NEC74 Ear Cuff Set
Solid little star charms..10mm tall

Hope you likie :)

I'm hungry!

Anyone got the Verizon iPhone? Unlimited data unlike AT&T! I want it! My boyfriend got it...I'm jealous. My upgrade isn't until another year from now :(

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Iyah said...

Really?? OMGGGGG Unlimited data plan? I still got unlimited but the hubby doesn't. I think i will switch to Verizon since my upgrade is up!