New ear cuffs update

I know I know..I said I was going to make regular stuff...but I'm just so into the ear cuffs because they're so popular!
I still need to readd some PayPal buttons..sorry about that.

NEC65 Ear Cuff Set
Non-tarnish wire swirl ear cuff. 
10mm Swarovski Crystal hearts in Lt. Sapphire
12mm hollow star charm & Swarovski bicone
Other colors available, just ask.

NEC66 Ear Cuff Set
Swarovski Crystal Bicones in Crystal Clear
4mm faux pearls
12mm silver star charms

NEC67 Ear Cuff Set
Gold feather charms
Gold & silver chain instead of the basic silver & silver

NEC68 Single Ear Cuff
This is for those who like those lonnnnng chains.
Chain lengths 11.5" and 12.5" long 
12mm Star charms
NEC70 Ear Cuff Set
Non-tarnish black wire swirl cuff
12mm Star charms
black n silver chain
 Charmy Ear Cuff

Select Your Charm
Darken Ear Cuff

New pics of older designs: to finishing off a few packages & then to the airport..LAX (ahh!)
My first time going to an airport, ever, and alone, driving!
Picking up boyfriend & 2 of his bros...they went to FL because of their grandpa.

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