Swarovski Cluster Bracelets

Bracelet Info:
Default length is 7 1/4"--other lengths may be requested.
All pins are sterling silver plated.

Feel free to ask for any customs.

The prices on these bracelets depend on time, sterling silver pins, how much it's clustered, the different crystals used, which toggle clasps used.

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Love's Enchantment Cluster Bracelet
Sterling Silver pins
Silver heart toggle clasp
Swarovski Crystals & crystallized pearls
3 10mm Swarovski Crystal hearts in Crystal Clear
Available with or without bows!
Coffee Beans Cluster Bracelet
6mm Crystallized Pearls in brown & gold on Sterling Silver pins. Heart toggle clasp. 
$22; with bows $25

With or Without Bows?

Sea Stars Cluster Bracelet
Swarovski Crystals, Crystallized Pearls, starfish charms, round toggle clasp.
This one is NOT as clustery as the rest of the bracelets!
Twilight Angel in Black Diamond Bracelet
Sterling Silver pins.
Star & Wing charms. Thin round toggle clasp.
Swarovski Crystals, Crystallized pearls & glass beads.

Girly Kitty Cluster Bracelet
Sterling Silver pins & rings, Hello Kitty charms, heart toggle clasp. 
14mm Swarovski Heart in Rose on a Sterling Silver bail.
Swarovski Crystals & Crystallized Pearls.

Pearly Kitty Cluster Bracelet
Sterling Silver pins & rings, Hello Kitty charms, heart key charms and star charms.. I don't know what to call that clasp! 
Crystallized pearls with Swarovski Crystals.

 Baby Princess in aqua Bracelet
Sterling Silver Pins.
Swarovski Crystals in aquamarine, crystal clear, and sapphire.
Crystallized pearls.
4 10mm Aquamarine Swarovski Hearts.
Heart toggle clasp & crown charm. 

Twilight Angel Bracelet
Cluster bracelet using Swarovski Crystals in shades of Jet, Crystal Clear, and Amethyst, along with 10mm aquamarine hearts and black crystallized pearls. Sterling silver ball pins. Wing charms & star charms. Round toggle clasp 
The hearts can be requested to a different color.

Baby Princess Bracelet
Sterling silver pins.
Swarovski crystals, cat's eye hearts, crown charm & heart toggle clasp.

Goodbye Winter Bracelet
Sterling silver pins.
Hook & eye clasp
Swarovski crystals, swarovski crystal hearts & glass pearls.

 Blissful Love Bracelet
Sterling silver pins. Swarovski crystals, glass pearls. 

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