Jewelry...and a bit of a beauty post from F21

New regular earring design!
Nothing too fancy, but I like it :]

Angel Star Earrings
All Sterling Silver..antiqued silver angel wing charms
2" in length
8mm Swarovski Crystal Stars in Tarzanite 
ask about other star colors

I had this amazing cool earring request from Julie :)
I just had to post about it~
She ordered two different sets, but she modeled one. I love how they came out!

I honestly like this one more :D
New Ear Cuff:
NEC75 Single Ear Cuff
Silver wire swirl ear cuff
Mini silver plated cross charms
antiqued silver hollow cross charm
On the beauty side...
Got 2 nail polishes from F21 & an eyeshadow palette
Neutrals (: <3


 1 thick coat

 Eh I'm sorry^ I dont know what happened to the pic and I didn't feel like redoing it... :p
Very sheer. I didn't think it was going to come out sheer!

Both colors together!

I honestly don't like the F21 polish formula..maybe it's just that pink one, I'm not sure, I've never bought polish from there before,'s bleh :p

Going to Vegas tomorrow - late Wednesday!

1 swarovski crystals:

Anonymous said...

hi Juli! added you on FB and am liking your jewelry and blog! sorry for the loss of your little hard. i lost mine last year and took me awhile to get really get over the mourning period. he was always there when i studied nonstop for my exams. anyway, hope u have a safe trip to Vegas. would love to order when you come back. <3