New ear cuff sets & kidney wire earrings

Enjoy! ;D More to come soon~
I will also be using Swarovski crystal pearls now O_O on pieces such as bracelets~
NEC25 Ear Cuff Set
5mm Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia studs, 10mm Swarovski Crystal hearts in Crystal AB, Crystal clear Swarovski bicones.

NEC025 Ear Cuff Set
Crown charms with light sapphire Swarovski Crystal bicones.

NEC24 Ear Cuff Set
10mm Swarovski Crystal hearts in Crystal Aurora Borealis, crystal clear swarovski bicones, star charms. 

NEC23 Ear Cuff Set
16mm Swarovski Crystal Moons in Crystal Aurora Borealis. Swarovski bicones & a moon charm. 
Star Swept Earrings
Sterling Silver 22mm Kidney wire hooks, 12mm Swarovski Crystal stars in Crystal AB wire wrapped sterling silver.

7 swarovski crystals:

IchigoBunnie said...

love them!

ive got so many things i wanna buy...ur cuff earrings are SOOOO on my list :) i gotta figure out when im able to buy one lol

Juli said...

you're so pathetic Cindy, it's just funny now :]

Pop Champagne said...

wow beautiful earrings! I just adore the crown charm :D

Kym said...

beautiful new pieces juli! ryc: joining markets are fun! i love getting to meet my customers and mingling with other artists! ;D i'm sure there is lots in cali right?

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Anonymous said...

Hi Juli, I just wanted to let you know that I've received the package a few days ago or something and that I REALLY love the earrings and the necklace. They are so adorable! I really love the necklace the most though! Ah, and I love the freebies. Thank you so much!!! Hope to order from you again!!!

Dina (XYYan) said...

Beautiful earrings!