CG makeup, credit/debit card payments & more

Now accepting Credit/Debit cards! Jordon showed me the other day that people can use their debit/credit cards to pay someone with Paypal, without having a Paypal account themself! We "sort of" tested it, but we didn't really actually pay each other anything :P The option comes up when the Paypal account owner sends an invoice to another person. That other person, when clicking the pay button from the e-mail they receive, it will have an option to sign into Paypal, or "don't have a paypal account?" and it lets you just enter in your card info to pay. That's cool :] Hopefully it really does work! =D Soo then...

You don't need a Paypal account to buy jewelry! haha :P

I updated the Info, Shipping, Ordering page ;]

Iyah twitted last night saying she had so much makeup because she had no more room for it. You girls are crazy for having so much makeup! This is all I have! O_O

New eyeshadow color & bronzer :]
Seeee I'm cheap! :P cheap brands! This eyeshadow sort of reminds me of a few that Jess from Oohh..Pretty uses. I LOVEE neutral colors...CG used to make this color back in the day, but discontinued it (it had a diff name too) or something (because I couldn't find it). Now that it's back.. yay!! I love it because it blends with my skin tone very well & gives me some shimmer sparkle =D Bedazzled biscotti. It's not even on the website.
The elf bronzer is in Sun Kissed

Eyeshadow, I naturally have a darker skin tone (half Filipino!) so this color blends in A LOT. But That's how I wanted it
^This is using an HD lamp light only.^

Also, I got the CG's Smoky Shadow Blast in Bronze Fire:

It's okay.. it's not all that great. In my opinion, it's a little too creamy and it may become cakey if you apply too much. The plastic covers cracked/broke on the first few days too. I really like the two colors though :P If you do use it.. I suggested that you definitely put a primer and/or a powdered similar colored eyeshadow on top to hold it in place. But again.. don't put a lot or it will probably become cakey :[

I've been going to the gym all week again! Yay! xD Now.. to keep that up...

I'm about to leave to go to Jordon on his lunch break from work & the gym, but I plan to get more ear cuff designs up soon :]

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