Failed MBD Pearl Powder Mask Review & Cluster Bracelet Sale

A couple nights ago, us crazy girls on Twitter, Edna, May, Gianger, Iyah & Lulu decided to all do facial masks at the same time...'cept it didn't go so well ;p
Lulu forgot & Iyah was tired from work & wanted to sleep! May & Iyah were also feeling sick :[

I decided that I wanted to try out the My Beauty Diary Pearl Powder mask....buuut..according to Gianger, it was a "fail mask" least for me!!

I think I'm going to start cutting these masks before putting them on so they fit better! It bothers me how big they are >.<

- penetrates through interior layer of skin; creates soft, fair look with radiance
- activates and nourishes the skin

- softens, whitens, activates and nourishes skin
- for use of dull & damage skin

My comments on the mask:
- it didn't have a pleasant or bad smell. it kind of reminded me of those anti-bacterial hand/face wash wipes..but less strong
- i had issues putting this one on for some reason lol, i dunno if it was just me or the mask was just.. blah too big! The nose & mouth area especially bothered me.
- it didn't irritate my skin, but just something about it was bugging me. i couldn't stand it anymore so I took it off after about 10-15min.
- after i took it off...about 5 min later my skin started to feel kind of dry.
- next morning, my skin felt fine, so that's good.
- i didn't leave it on long enough to get results probably ;p
- i don't think I will try this mask again. partly, probably because of the smell... i want my masks to smell nice & relax me! :]

Update on the aloe mask - My skin was nice and smooth in the morning :]! I like the aloe one.
Keep an eye out.. I bought a TON of MBD masks! (100 to be exact...HAHAHA...). I'm just waiting for them to arrive :] I'll probably be sticking them into some jewelry orders here & there, and sell ones I don't like/want ;] 

Giveaway soon too for 200 followers (sometime after I receive the masks).


Right now, until June 30th... I will be selling any cluster bracelets for $15 each, instead of the original $20~25 each :] Prices have already been applied to the Paypal buttons.

I will probably make a few more designs since I got lots of beads I wanna use! o:

Don't forget about me throwing in goodies with purchases! =D


My aunt in the Philippines got me Swarovski Crystals! O_O I was so excited when I got them.. thank you! :] I will e-mail you soon once I get your e-mail from my Dad... haha.

I'm taking a 4 unit, EIGHT WEEK CLASS..... soooo..this will be crazy lol. Exams every week!!! >_> the last week has 3 in one week OMG lol...

I will also be posting some gifts from the Philippines from when my parents went :]
And make new jewelry tomorrow to post too!

2 swarovski crystals:

Stacey said...

The cat's eye hearts are cute! Could you make some cluster bracelets with maybe pops of bigger crystals or charms? Just an idea!

Juli said...

I'll make one today :] thanks!