My Beauty Diary Aloe Mask Review

I haven't used masks for awhile so I thought I should probably start up again. The last time I used one was from Clean & Clear in probably Freshman year of High School! 
Since My Beauty Diary masks are pretty popular, I thought I would give it a try.
This is my first time trying a non-cream in a tube type mask so I was like "Whhaaaatt!!" lol.

I decided to use this one because the last time i actually put real aloe on my face when I had bad acne in high school..., i felt weird LOL. (we have an aloe plant).

My Skin:
I have very dry, semi-sensitive skin with acne scars.. so thought maybe this might soothe it a bit.
I used to have uneven skin, as in you lightly rub my hand against my face and it wouldn't be completely smooth....but I've been using Aveeno's daily moisturizers and those have been working wonders :] I've been using them for about 1 1/2-2 years now.

aloe - Provides skin with adequate moisture content
rose - improves dry & rough skin texture
 amino acid - nourishes and moisturizes skin
hyaluronic acid - highly effective in moisture retention

moisturizes, repairs, revitalizes and nourishes skin

My comments:
-The scent of the aloe mask is very faint, but nice, smells, clean (? lol). It sort of reminded me of cleansing towels that i've gotten.
-there's a lot of the stuff on the mask! o_o
-with the mask on, it didn't irritate my skin, there's no "burning" or "cold" feeling as some masks may feel like.
-my face felt really warm when i took off the mask, haha, still no irritation.

we'll see tomorrow how my skin is! :]
fyi: i've been pimple free for 6 days, yay!

I wish these were less expensive and easier to get by within the U.S.!! And I KNOW I won't be making any trips to anywhere in Asia anytime soon >.<
The least expensive I can get them for is $1.55.. 10 pack for $15.50 ... free shipping.
and another that's $1.42 each.. 30 pack for $43 is that good?i have no idea lol. it just sounds expensive to pay $2 on a single mask! D= or i'm just cheap.. >.< someone let me know if that's a good price lol
But.. i feel an addiction coming soon with these, haha........

Have you heard of the new mask in their line called "Bird's Nest Mask"? lol...

I still have Pearl Powder & Yogurt to review :]
I also bought some other masks by "Beauty Essence" or something... I'm still waiting for those to come in though.

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ipehishere said...

lol congrats for no pimple free for 6 days!! YAY ! hehe ;)

Pop Champagne said...

6 days free of pimples? nice! And the aloe mask looks like a great buy, I'm a fan of beauty diary masks :D