Beauty Friends Essence Maskpacks, Review, VS Miraculous, "Shape-Ups"

I will be working on jewelry tonight, so be on the look out.

Okay.. so i need to buy a new memory card for my camera.... something happened and now the card is write protected & i have no idea how/why or how to remove it.. :[
I recently got these masks in Red Ginseng, Herb & Aloe.
Description of Red Ginseng:
Includes red ginseng extracts giving out natural fragrance that tighten skin pores while it cleans & moisturizes.
Includes herbal extractst aht help to rejuvenate sensitive skin while it cleans & moisturizes

Includes aloe extracts that help to prevent infection while it moisturizes dry skin
Description of Beauty Friends Herb Mask:
Includes herbal extracts that help to rejuvenate sensitive skin while it cleans & moisturizes.

My comments:
- the smell of this mask is AMAZING (at least to me) it reminds me of potpourri :] i really really like it. the aroma is stronger than MBD masks.
- i have sensitive skin so I thought this mask should be pretty good :]
- there's a bit too much of the moisture/mixture/substance whatever on it, it dripped a few times
- it doesn't have a plastic part to help you put on like MBD masks
- decent fit on the face
- when i took off the mask.. my skin was smoother & whiter.
-  i will DEFINITELY repurchase.

by Danskin
I just got these today, I had to order them online because no Wal-Mart near me sells them.
I wish I could have gotten them in black.

They're so weird to walk in lol, You can like.. rock back & forth in them (as you can tell, the back and front bottoms of the shoe aren't even with the part that touches the ground). 
Look wise... they look like sneakers that would attract more of the older generation..but other than that.. cool lol. They make me a bout 1 1/2-2" taller :P They're kinda like sport platforms! haha. I'll let you know my final results on them after wearing them for awhile. 


Supposed to add 2 cup sizes & Pushup :P
I decided I wanted to try it on....and they have you put on this shirt too!
LOL. This bra is crazy. But super silky & comfortable :] 
I suggest at least just trying it on for fun :P

I wouldn't say it's two bra sizes, it's probably 1-1 1/2.
Pic with my new glasses!

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