Sanctuary's 200 Followers Giveaway

Thank you everyone who made it possible for me to reach this many followers :D 
So here's the giveaway!

Ends  July 15th

Sorry there isn't anything too good in here >.< 
I'll probably end up adding some stuff here & there

I ordered a batch of MBD masks... when I get those in, I WILL add more to the giveaway.

bold = newly added

1 My Beauty Diary Yogurt Mask
1 MBD Natto Mask
1 MBD Cooling Mask
1 MBD Black Pearl Powder Mask
1 MBD White Rose Mask
2 Beauty Friends Essence Mask Packs in Aloe (Korean brand)
1 Crystal Eye Mask (I really like it!!)
Crest 3D white strips test :P (random lol)
e.l.f. waterproof eyeliner pen in black
e.l.f. Cuticle Nourishing Pen 
e.l.f. Studio 2 in 1 Conditioning Gloss in Perfect Pink
Covergirl Outlast Lipstain in Flirty Nude
Sterling silver cuff bracelet that says "Peace Joy Faith"
Salley Hansen Natural Butter Lip shimmer in Pure
Two Hello Kitty Notepads
Cream Brulee earrings (all sterling silver/ Swarovski Crystal)
After Work Earrings (All sterling silver/ Swarovski Crystal)

Open to U.S. Residents & Internationally

I will be checking if you actually posted/are following.
Required Rules To Enter:

- Of course, be my follower! 
- Post a comment with your name & e-mail along with telling me how you discovered my blogsite :P
-  Make a post in your blog/website linking back to this post with the giveaway items picture...GIVE ME THE LINK. i will not count your entry if you don't do this D=
- Giveaway sites do not count as entries.

I will be checking if you're actually posting/etc.
Additional entries 
I tried to think of a lot... haha.

- Follow me on Twitter & Tweet this giveaway (give me the link) (ONE ADDITIONAL ENTRY)
- Put a picture link to this giveaway in a sidebar of your blog (give me the link) (ONE ADDITIONAL ENTRY)
- Purchase a jewelry item from me ;] (let me know when you order who you are) (TWO ADDITIONAL ENTRY)
- Answer these question's: what designs would you like to see (jewelry)? Colors? Specific charms/crystals? Would you like me to post more beauty related posts? (ONE ADDITIONAL)
- Do you think I should add more e.l.f. products to the giveaway? which items? (ONE ADDITIONAL)

You can get up to 7 entries!!! O____O

52 swarovski crystals:

Sherry said...

I blogged

I am follower :Sherrygo

follow on twitter@sherrygo tweet

sherrygo at hotmail dot com

Kittin said...

I'm a follower =]

twitted and follow you @aznhot_tea

I would like to see more cartilage earrings.
colors= anything :D
charms/crystals= moon and stars
stick to jewelry post

Shaim said...

Hi ,
I am a follower already shaim
Post about it here

Shaim said...

I never use elf before but i love to try the lipstick and makeup brush

check my makeup blog here

Shaim said...

shame on me i don't know how to add the sidebar :$

I love to see the vintage jewelry and creative metal jewelry mixed with crystal and pearls
Yes i loveeeeee to see beauty post specially about makeup and makeup art

Shaim said...

Followed you on twitter and tweet about it here

Kiki Xiong said...

Hi, I'm Kiki Xiong ! I don't quite remember how I first stumbled upon your blog... but it was a long time ago I believe. LOL. I think I found you off of another blogger.

My blog post:

luckyfinds said...

I'm a follower - Luckyfinds

I stumbled on your blog through blog hopping
Posted this contest on my blog:


luckyfinds said...

Posted this contest on my blog sidebar at


luckyfinds said...

I'd like to see silver, torquoise and peridot combinations in your jewelry


rhaindropz said...

Hi im rhain, i stumbled upon your blog via iyah of As Pink as my Juicy modeling one of your pieces =)

my email:

i spread the word here:

followed you on twitter: rhaindropz

posted on my sidebar:

i would like to see more? Dangling Earrings!!! in my fave colors, pink!!!

charms/crystals: bigger hearts
color: dark colors.. black blue.. deep green

that would be great if you added some ELF products =) love love their mascaras =)

wish i could be one of your models =)

congrats on hitting 200 and counting =)

keep up on creating more wonderful pieces..

hugs and kisses

Blair said...
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With Love, Elle said...

i link ya giveaway here!

i wanna see more beauty hauls ^^
yes add elf brushes~

xoxo elle

e: beautiful1 at popstar dot com

siwing said...


I am a follower of course :)

My name is Siwing, and I discovered your blog from Adriyah.. My email is

I posted your link to my sidebar :)

Carine said...

My name is Carine and my email is completelycrazy(at)hotmail(dot)fr :)

I reposted your giveaway here:

- I'd like to see more purple jewelry, and crown charms :) Yes, it would be nice to see some more beauty posts, but not hauls, more like reviews.

- More elf products ? I say yes ! and nailpolish :p

fisiwoman said...

Enter me please!! I'm already a follower via GFC, as fisiwoman!
I think you should add some ELF nail polish!

Ana Belén R.M

International Giveaways said...

*-- Not an entry --*


Just wanted to let you know that your giveaway was listed on my site.

Here's the direct link:

If you happen to have any other internationally open giveaways, I'd love to hear about them!



shasha said...

Hi, enter me please..
follower through GFC

Blogged about u'r giveaway:

- Do you think I should add more e.l.f. products to the giveaway? which items? (ONE ADDITIONAL)

YES!! elf studio complextion pefection

Ashly said...

Hi, I'm Ashly Tran and I found your bog via another blog.

Bakkanekko said...

♥Following you! Hey, hey, your blog's fun, really, I've check through your pages :)

♥Name's Zadia and my email's
I discover your site through's posting.

♥I let my readers bout your giveaway :)

♥Followed your twitter and tweet the post~

♥As for design, I want to see a simple double cross earrings, white or black. And beauty posts, YES, please XDD especially about makeup art and face paintings, they're cool.. oh.. wait, are they beauty posts? >_>

Kay, now.. wishing for luck xD

thepinkestbutterfly said...
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Joanne J said...

@joannej1982 folloow you on twitter!


joanne.j at hotmail dot com

Joanne J said...

Hi! I follow you with GFC as joanne.j

I came across your blog from International Giveaways.

I blogged about your giveaway

joanne.j at hotmail dot com

Joanne J said...

I put your giveaway at my sidebar

joanne.j at hotmail dot com

Joanne J said...

I like to see more hello kitty designs, they're simply adorable!! I also like jewelry made with pearls. I always like to read beauty related posts :)

joanne.j at hotmail dot com

Joanne J said...

I think you should add more e.l.f. products to the giveaway! I've never use e.l.f before, would love to try their mascara or eye shadows!

joanne.j at hotmail dot com

Ladytink_534 said...

I found your contest from here:

I'm a follower


Ladytink_534 said...

You ought to add more blue colors to your jewelry


Ladytink_534 said...

If you add more e.l.f products you ought to add some brushes. I need a kabuki brush


skaki said...

I got to your contest when i was googling for some face masks.
I am follower of your blog.

i blogged about your giveaway in my blog.

Anonymous said...

Hey girl! I'm entering your giveaway! :D

My name: Mai
Blog post:
Twitter: maitai88 (following you :D)

Nós said...

Hi. = )
*I'm a follower.
Name - Andreia
E-mail -
Found you in International Giveaways.
Blogpost -

*Put your giveaway on my sidebar.


Laura @ Sawan-Heaven said...

I'm following you:
Laura @ Sawan-Heaven

Your Giveaway is on my sidebar:

shortnails said...

Hi, My name is Li Lian and I would love to entered in your contest

1. I am following you through my blog under google friend connect: li lian

My email is

I discovered your site from laura’s site:

3. I have posted about your contest in my blog here:

4.what I would like to see on your designs is more crystals/ bigger crystals on the charm bracelets. More than Swarovski Crystal bicones hanging.. but not as much as a cluster bracelet. Does that makes sense? Like I really like the Sophisticated Kitty Bracelet but I wish there was a bit more crystals to it but not as much as the cluster bracelet. ..maybe teardrops crystals?
5. Yes, I think you should add more elf products…well the studio brushes..because they are fabulous. =)

Thifa said...
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Jasmine1485 said...

I follow your blog via GFC (Jasmine1485) and I posted about your giveaway here:

My name is Kate and I can't remember how I found your site exactly.. oh wait! I think it was through Blair's blog! Yes, I'm pretty sure I clicked your link on her blog.

Kate1485 at

Jasmine1485 said...

I'm following on Twitter and tweeted about the giveaway :)

yaebbeunyee said...

enter me please :)
follower via gfc (ae.lim)
blog entry:

i think you should add more e.l.f. items, cause I don't see a lot of those products around here.


Thifa said...
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Maliha Rohail said...

hey .
* I am a follower of ur blog thru GFC. My email id is

I discovered u thru a friend's blog

* I follow u at twitter as malihaR and have tweeted abt the giveaway at

* I would love to see pairs of rings in jewelry. like 2 matching rings for friends or bf/gf. I would love the use of turquoise colored stone
* please add more elf items. Especially the studio line (HD powder)

Grace Wong said...

thanks for the awesome giveaway, I've always wanted to try MBD masks!

~I followed you as Grace Wong!

I'm not sure, but I think I found your blog from another beauty blogger!

~blog post:

~followed on twitter (gracewong1) and tweeted:

~I'd love to see more beauty related posts and hauls!

~I think you should add more elf products, the more the merrier! Their eyeliners look really nice!


siwing said...

Soooo I totally forgot to write down more entries.. esp now that I am a Jujubeads jewelry owner ! Haha.. Of course, it was Sanctuary when I bought it..

I bought your Twilight Cluster bracelet and had it made in all silver =D Hehe and i loves it =D

I've been a follower of your twitter ! I don't know how I didn't write that as a comment earlier.. We've been tweetingg ^^ @siwing38

And for more entries: I love swarovski, you use alot of those so I can't complain LOL.. I love your bridal inspired, so classy and elegant.. so maybe more of those?

It doesn't bother me. I love both jewelry and beauty =D it's a win-win for me. I enjoy reading both..

Elf products? It's up to you. I don't own any ELF products personally.. I've heard both good/bad things about it.. hm... Haha.. Sorry if that doesn't really answer the question..

Good luck to all !

Elena said...

- Of course, I am your follower (Elena)!
- My name is Elena & my e-mail is queen-of-pain(AT)yandex(DOT)com. I discovered your blogsite while searching Internet for some interesting blogs to read.
- I've posted your giveaway to my sidebar here


Linda said...

i`m your follower :)
I discovered your website, searching"handmade jewelery" on google :)
My name is Linda and e-mail is

Linda said...

I blogged about your giveaway :)

Linda said...

I would like to see jewelery with swarovski hearts :) I would prefere joyful summer colours . e.g. green yellow, light blue (^^)

wendy said...

-i'm a follower (wendy)
-i discovered your blog at
-blog post

luvwendy87 at hotmail dot com

wendy said...

luvwendy87 at hotmail dot com

wendy said...

sidebar post
luvwendy87 at hotmail dot com

wendy said...

yes, pls post more beauty related posts! i love all crystals and do not have any specific colors in mind.
luvwendy87 at hotmail dot com

wendy said...

pls add more e.l.f. products for example the nail polishes to the giveaway!
luvwendy87 at hotmail dot com

Gabriela said...

Hi! I`m a follower :) My name is Gabriela and my email is: conbdebelleza(at)gmail(dot)com

I found your contest here:

I posted about your giveaway on my blog: (you can use the Google traductor button on the right to traduce it).

I follow you on Twitter and tweeted:

I put a picture link to this giveaway in a sidebar of my blog:

I would like to see more necklaces in purple, specially, more designs with the Eiffel Tower and bows or hearts because I love them.
And yes, I love beauty posts so go on.

Yes, you could add more ELF products like the Powder Studio Brush.

Thanks for this nice giveaway!