Pink cluster bracelet & elf lashes review.

I made a new cluster bracelet, yay! It took me about 1 1/2~ 2 hours. I didn't really keep track.

I don't have my HD light with me because I'm at Jordon's so here's really bad pics with flash/without.
 I really like how it turned out =D

I will take more pictures when I get home this weekend.

Top two are with a flash, bottom is without/natural light.
Baby Princess Bracelet
Swarovski crystals, cat's eye hearts, crown charm & heart toggle clasp. Sterling silver pins.

Free Elf products with orders! =D

So, today was my first time trying out false lashes. I failed so much LOL. I used Elf's Natural lashes in black.
Well first of all,....I lost one of the lashes LMAO, don't ask me how, I really don't know. It was during the time when I was trying to open the glue tube because the poker on the cap wasn't sharp/pointy enough to poke through. The glue sucks. So if you plan on using these, make sure you have strips or some other glue to use. Other than that... I suck at false lashes ( I have naturally long ones anyway, I just felt like testing it out lol) & the lashes look pretty decent :] 
haha, my sucky lash review :P

4 swarovski crystals:

e.motion in motion said...

That bracelet is gorgeous!!! I love all the PINK... and the crown ehehe. Awww sucks about the lashes! I lost a bunch of individual lashes like that... I just don't know where they go!! >_< But yeah I suck at putting those one even worse :P Too bad about the glue, I still like the way the lashes look though. The glue I have is super hard to remove :(

Sherry said...

need a lot pratice and sometimes I no do for long time then I cannot put on. lol.. tried before that took me an hour to put it on. me all sweaty already !!

Sherry said...

I am also bad in put on faux lashes. lol.. I remember instead stick on my eye lids its on my finger lol

Pop Champagne said...

awww cute bracelet! yeah eyelashes are difficult to put on that's for sure! Then sometimes after an hour of wearing them you find them slowly starting to peel off your eyelids eeeeeh!