Introducing... e.l.f freebies!

I bought some elf cosmetic stuff that I will be sticking into orders, yay! =D
Erynn from e.motion in: motion recently did a review on elf's cuticle nourishing pen. I do the same thing as her by just ripping off my fake nails, lol. I gotta say...i LOVE this pen! A few of you lucky people will get to test it out for yourself too :]

So, orders I get from now I will be sticking in elf products! =D 
(after hello kitty chapsticks are gone, there are only a few anyway).

2 swarovski crystals:

e.motion in motion said...

Whoo! Glad you like it :D It's so awesome for so cheap.

Ooo, I like the texture of the Luscious Liquid lipsticks, just wish the color would show up more :( Are the lashes any good?

Mets GirLL said...

I adore Elf..I wish they sold it at my Target!

P.S. I am totally making that Menu Binder after I finish studying for my exam lol