A Little Bit About Juli...For Today

Currently Craving:
Chili Cheese Fries from Weinersnitzle or however it's spelled

Current Favorite Songs:
Red - Start Again
Red - Never Be The Same
Red - Ordinary Day
Red - Shadows
Lady Antebellum - I Need You Now

Current Annoyances:
Jewelry supplies suppliers' shipping speed.
Crumbs in her car.
 Cell phones.
People who cannot live without looking at their phone for less than 30mins, even if asked.
Middle School down the street.
Money being picked over her.

Current Goals as of today:
(who knows how long they'll last)
Put jewelry biz first right now.
Be more independent like when she didn't have a BF.
Try to stop staying over at the boyfriend's so much. 
Buy the workbook for her fitness class
Make new jewelry designs..such as ear cuffs.
Take better pictures of the new pink cluster bracelet
Go to the gym at least every other day

Current Needs:
To dry her hair.
To put makeup on.
To talk to someone.
To vacuum & wash her car (stupid rain).
To work on jewelry orders.
To stop thinking about it.

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