Jewelry..wal-mart, music, food.. randoms!

 I'm just going to divide this into categories :P I have a few things on my mind that I would like to post about but they're all not related to each other! ;D

I want to thank everyone who left a comment on the previous post, or at least read it, or even passed it on. I greatly appreciate it. No one should be treated that way, especially treated that way by her.

Jewelry...coming soon
Sterling silver kidney wire earrings :]
Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Studs
Jewelry with bows
New ear cuff designs

And lots of other stuff! I just found this great shop o.o
Omg, everything I like/use for my jewelry is on sale right now O_O dang I'm gonna be spending a lot this week.

Shipping out orders tomorrow! ;D There are about 3 more I still need to do!

Wal-Mart Candles
Those of you who shop at Wal-Mart... you may have noticed that they have "new" candles in (the Wal-Mart brand ones..) buy the $5 big jar that's called "Taste of the Tropics" it smells soooo good. They have a flower version of it tropical flowers or something? I plan to get that one too :P 

He's coming to MY house tomorrow! yay! Usually I've been going to him :[ All week last week.. I did >_> I practically lived with him lmao. It was crazy. Because of Angels games & school. I always stay Thursday nights because of Vampire Diaries!! My dad got rid of our cable/satellite.. sooo :/

Piano Music
I'm a HUGE piano music fan. I love getting piano songs from movies/video games etc. I would like to share my top two :P This FFX-2 one has been my ultimate favorite ever since X-2 came out.
FFX-2 ~ Wind Crest ~The Three Trails~
Clint Mansell - Jane Eyre

This may be one of the healthiest foods that's so good for those who LOVE sour. I can seriously drink the left over dressing from this because I love sour so much lol. I used to eat/suck on limes with salt all the time until I found out they were bad for your teeth & stomach >_< I've been eating this for years. It's a like a Greek salad
Anyway... if you're looking for a healthy dish that's fast & easy and love sour here's one for you.

Sliced up cucumbers
Sliced Pepperchinis
Optional: Red peppers & tomatoes
Feta cheese ( I like to use the flavored Tomato & Basil one) if you don't use a flavored one, you can add in some dried oregano for more flavor in the salad.

Light Olive Oil (it won't taste good if it's not light)
Red wine vinegar
Lemon Juice
Salt & Pepper
Optional, my little twist: Rice vinegar

Mix all together & enjoy ;D I always put a lot of extra vinegar & lemon juice to make it extra sour for my taste buds lol.
A "tiny" bit of behind the scenes of jewelry! lol.

And don't forget about any orders placed will be getting free elf items :]

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Denysia said...

That salad looks yummy! :D

Sherry said...

oh salad hehe.. nice :D

olive oil here.. I dont buy as expensive. :(