Attention Bloggers--IGNORE THIS PERSON

If you get anyone requesting orders, or whatever, by the name of "Cindy Lam
 Please disregard her. She, or he, is a extremely rude person. I don't know what is up her ass. Please pass this on.
..and her email would be: (although, please don't e-mail her about this, I'm sure it will make matters worse and she'll insult you too! It's just a heads up for those people who sell things).
About last month, she accused me of stealing money from her because I never sent her her order. But I NEVER GOT AN ORDER FROM HER. Because of that, she left extremely rude comments on my blog.

Now, just because she doesn't understand the process of Paypal or buying something online from a blog, she resorts to insults.  Here is the most recent email from her to me:

As to the first part, I don't even know what race she is, so I don't know how that's being racist.
All I did, before she replied with this, was explain to her the simple process of ordering something with Paypal buttons. But, I don't know HOW she doesn't understand. EVERYONE else who has ordered from me understood, even those who ordered WITHOUT asking me questions first.

"Excuse me. Now I understand you love white people, but by all means don’t resort to racism. I don’t agree with being discriminated upon because of my race. You can do your boyfriend and try to become a Caucasian prostitute, but you’ll always be an overweight buffoon to everyone else. Please don’t lose yourself. I just want the same amount of respect you give to everyone else. Your instructions, as I’ve told you before, are wrong. I don’t understand them. You are a truly twisted bitch for trying to fool me. Think it is funny?
How about instead of wasting your and everyone else’s time eating whole Orcas, you should actually try respecting your customers. Bathing in your Crisco won’t help you one bit. Instead of that never ending diet you put yourself on, try coming up with better titled jewelry. I’m sure a handicapped dyslexic five year old could come up with things more creative. They all make no sense, and I would sound almost as dumb as you if I listed them all.
Maybe it’s too much work for someone as lazy as you are to TYPE up proper instructions? Or maybe you really are an idiot? Too much fat in your head clogging things up?
I’m sorry. Maybe you are too damn obese to be able to move. Is that it? If so, I totally understand. It must be difficult being immobile and having to live off your boyfriend. Life must be a joy because you are the center of the world. Things orbit around you. Not only in your fat ass head, but quite literally. Try passing one of your classes for once in your life instead of living in your daydreams.
I really can’t believe I gave someone like you another chance. I should have known that you were untrustworthy. You cannot cover up your fat, stupidity, lack of talent, and lack of creativity with lies.
Yours Forever,

So please, pass this on. Cindy, you have no right to talk to me about second chances because I have given so many other people second chances, INCLUDING YOU, and they just end up doing the same sh*t. And you just proved that.

I think she's bipolar or something because the first e-mail she sent, she was apologizing for the insults she made before. I dunno what's up with her.

Online dramaaaa!!! I haven't had that since my MMORPG'ing days LOL (yearsssss ago)

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SAUCY | f. | BABY said...

Excuse me, but how fckin rude is she?

I would've never thought that people would get THAT worked up over an order. She clearly needs to grow up. She's resorting to elementary insults when she could've handled it as an adult.

People on the internet are funny. They think just because they can behind a screen, they can talk all this shit. She says you shouldn't waste your time, but she's the one wasting her time writing hateful emails. Like, seriously? Track her ip address thru her email & block her or something.

But yea, forget her. She's the one that has to live w/ herself. She's a horrible person.

xo Nicole

Anonymous said...

That's horrible. This sht shouldn't be happening. And what the heck, if SHE THOUGHT your pieces were stupid why the hell did she even "place an order" with you?? *sigh* I don't understand some people.

And what a racist comment for her to make too!! "You can do your boyfriend and try to become a Caucasian prostitute, but you’ll always be an overweight buffoon to everyone else." Soo....everyone who's not white is an overweight buffoon? Hm...

Will definitely keep an eye for her.

If she reads this...Cindy Lam, because of the rudeness who've shown one of the most respected jewelry artisans in the Blogger world, you are barred from .maitai jewelry. Grow up, act your age.

Juli said...


Now Cindy is asking for a free Baby Princess bracelet.

Cindy.. you actually think I will send you it? Keep dreaming.

Denysia said...

What a bitch! Excuse my language. I think she was inconsiderate and rude as hell, when I read your post! OMG, honestly who does she think she is? And if you never got an order from her, then why is she still bugging you? I honestly think she's just out to get free stuff. Don't give it to her!!!

Sally said...

That girl really has some issues.. insults you and your products then asks for a free bracelet???? She needs some help... Def. a horrible person and should be banned everywhere!

e.motion in motion said...

Idk what is wrong w/ ppl like this. This bitch needs to get her head on straight. The only reason ppl resort to saying childish and rude shit like that is because they're probably unsatisfied with their own loser-ass self. No one else has had a problem with Juli's ordering instructions, so I really think this chick is just whack and trying to get free shit by lying. Some people nowadays. Sad. Get a fucking life.

I'm really sorry you had to deal with this bullshit, Juli :(

adin_22 (陳亞任) said...

wow...I'm really sorry for you that you have to deal with this bitch....I don't think she's being childish, she's totally scamming you...she just wants to have a freebie....whoever she is..I hope she'll get a life...

Dina (XYYan) said...

OMG, that's so rude of her. Her email is full of negativity. Just ignore her, she doesn't worth your time...

Serenie S. said...

Oh my goodness! This girl is like.... CRAZY!!
She's probably way too young to even be shopping on the internet if she can't understand simple English.
Hope everything clears up and that psycho gets a life.