Yay, I'm posting!

I got the game Final Fantasy XIII!!! Yay! For Xbox though. When I saw it was out on Xbox 360.. I freaked lol. Since I don't have a PS3 (FFXIII would be my only reason to buy one...but)
A. I wouldn't use it. 
B. It's expensive. 
C. I don't have a TV in my room
Buuuuuut........ my boyfriend has an Xbox 360! MWHAHA >:] Now we're sort of fighting over his xbox lol. Since he looooveeeees to play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2..I tried playing it, and yep...fail. LOL.
I love Final Fantasy, even though I've only played FFVIII, FFX, FFX-2 and part of FFXII
I want Final Fantasy Versus XIII to come outttt, I like the guy :P Noctis.. but that's a weird name.

Jordon's ditching me for a few days, again :[
He's going to Arizona for basebaaaaaaalll. Boooooooooo :P
Advantage.... I get his xbox while he's gone! mwhahaha!

I'm going to try and start eating more yogurt again. I read in a magazine a bunch of reasons why, haha. I used to a lot, but just stopped! My favorite is Yoplait's boston cream pie.

Okay, time to work on jewelry. I have to fix up my jewelry box/case/thing for my mom's work & work on some orders :]
I do have new jewelry designs, but I'm too lazy to upload the pictures at the moment >_<
I'll most likely post again later tonight.

Did anyone see the new Vampire Diaries episode? :D

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Edna said...

FF graphics are so pretty. I remember it from Kingdom Hearts and I loved it.

Why is Jordon going to Arizona WITHOUT you?!