Guess Where I'm At!

Oooh yeah, my fatass ate here....again. I seriously eat out too much! But Jordon & I were both craving to go here lol. 
We're gonna try to go on the Subway diet! LOL
...And go to the gym everyday again. We've only been doing 2 times a week lately >_<

Okay time to study :[

6 swarovski crystals:

Edna said...

Where are you?!!

Looks like yummy foooooood!

Denysia said...

OMG! Guppy's is like the best shizzzzz ever!!! :D

Juli said...


Nika said...

ummmmmhhhh!!!! buonooooo!!!!
so good!!!!!!
kiss u!!!

Pop Champagne said...

I'm finding it hard to go to the gym too lately -_- and hehe I love subway, mmm meatball subs!!

Kym said...

*mmmmm* i want me some of that! gosh its so hard for me to keep a regular workout schedule!!! i'm usually good for a week then its downhill again. haha!