OOooh albertsons has this sale/while supplies last on Wet N Wild makeup.. i got this trio eyeshadow for $1.50 WOW...i'm surprised at how good Wet n Wild has become! i like it A LOT. got Egyptian Sands. I'm def gonna go back and get the other colors lol

I'll probably update this later with jewelry
I'm not being emo/in a bad mood anymore! Jordon cheered me up :P even though he started the mood...LOL :P

Wow I feel loved, I'm getting a few custom requests on the Soompi forums :D yay!

Wow, I guess Iyah will be the winner for the January jewelry contest LOL
Link for it is at the top.

Be My Valentine Giveaway ends on Feb 1st!
Tons of entries. More than I thought I would get.
Link is at the top.

I went to the gym 5 days this week!! 5 days in a rowwww! Monday~Friday. Today, Saturday, is my rest day haha. I was gonna go but...nahhhh...kind of lazy now!I'm going tomorrow with Cathy anyway. I got shoes for the gym now, yay =] I was using these slip ons that were $9 that I got from Wal-mart about 2~3 years ago LOL they're still in damn good condition!
I'm gonna start going in the sauna.. I hate it but, it's good for your body :[

Last night, I went bowling with Jordon & his friend and his girlfriend. Then another couple got invited...then another! So there were 4 couples o_o crazy. I did have a bit of fun buuuut...except the fact that they were "smoking" you know what & drinking...and smoking cigs... siiighh :[ not my thing, not my kind of people...it was funny that they couldn't beat Jordon in bowling lol, (he's really good), mainly because they were drunk :P No, I didn't drink. 
Jordon was so hawt last night, haha. ;] 
Yes, I told you were many times, and I'll say it again, babe, on my blog! mwhaha. I'm serious, I was getting turned on just watching him! hahahah.

Because, I love candles, I want to do some kind of candle decor in my room. There's this restaurant Jordon & I go to that has this long line of candles on a counter, tea light candles, that looks really cool.. something like this, but probably about 5 feet long in the restaurant
So, I'm gonna clena up my room a bit, again, and figure out where to put it :P I need to some tea lights! OOOH I CAN PUT IT ALL ALONG THE TOP OF MY DESK...that's a lot of stuff to move.........dang... lol. (my desk is huge and has like different levels).

I thought i'd share something new with you guys...
I can draw :P I just don't very often. Especially lately...this pic is old.

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