Well, I'll probably be updating this throughout the rest of the day.........

couldn't help it...had to go to Jordon's. i gotta cheer up somehow! YET he's not even home! hahaha...he's in class and i'm invading his room :P mwhahahah. I bought some running shoes for the gym...and a sports bra thing & a cute panda shirt ;D

geez my day just went totally downhill since 10:30...

Random...remade a playlist for the blog

i forgot to mention... my cat may be sick :/ she's not even that old..she's only about 8 or 9 years or something...my mom says she's been throwing up yellow stuff and not eating for the past week :[

I made a health/food/life whatever blog so I can keep track of how i'm doing health wise.
i went to the gym today...4th day of the week,..studied while on whatever they're called..ellipitcal/crosstrainer things, so called burned 360 calories. i thought i was gonna go again later today, but i guess that's not gonna happen.
had my yearly pap check done... on the way back...all speedy...i loved going through the "twisty" shortcut way to my house in 3rd gear...so fun. especially when i need to let off some steam...went up to 35~50mph through it ahahahaha...and we all know...residental areas are 25 mph...i didn't kill anyone i swear.
i LOVE driving around..not when there's tons of people though...then i hate it.
got japanese food that SUCKED. and on top of that, they got my order wrong...i wanted salmon teriyaki, not chicken teriyaki. and it was ordered to go....so nothing i can do about that. their teriyaki chicken & beef just sucks so much. i just ate california rolls...i'm definitely going to be hungry later.
there's something in my eye that's bugging me...

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Denysia said...

That sucks that they messed up your order. If that happened to me, I would call them, and be like, "You messed up my order!"

I'm thinking about keeping a food journal, because last semester in my pharmacy classes, my teacher actually made us log our food intake onto the computer, and it was kind of crazy to see how much food I consuming!

amynaree said...

ugghh i hate when that happens, when your order get's messed up! sometimes i'm afraid to send it back and re order because they might do something to my food lol

Carine said...

sounds like a bad day :(

Juli said...

very..... haven't had one for awhile, so i guess it was overdue