New jewelry

y! I did some stuff =D School's ending this week-- I only have class on Thursday-- So I'll have more time to make some new designs :]  Here's a few!

This one definitely looks so much better in person. I made it for my aunt as a Christmas present. It has swarovski crystals, glass pearls and amber gemstone beads :]

I also listed this one on here
30mm crystal swarovski moon  on a gunmetal black chain~ it's simple but I like it..

And this one, I think it looks better in person. Also listed on

I'm starting to get used to taking pictures under my HD lamp. Yay! Finally. I'm also thinking about selling my camera and getting a new one. Although I Just got it this year, it isn't as good as I thought it would be. I bought it for $170.. I know I won't be able to get that much back for it, which sucks (even though it's still new). I'll probably try for $120... I'll try to sell it on soompi or something, haha. If any of you are interested in an Olympus digital cam.. let me know =D heh.

Do you gals think I should try to start naming my pieces? lol. I just fail soooo horribly at doing so :[ Then that means I have to go back and rename the rest that I have .......................................oh gosh that's a lot. Hmmm...maybe if I get bored enough over the winter break.

I may be taking on some babysitting/nanny jobs again. used to babysit all the time but stopped..

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