Two new cluster earrings

Yay I finally did something! =D
I did a brown tone because people at my mom's work building have been requesting jewelry. And since they're in an older generation, they're not always into the girly colors, so I wanted to do a natural hue :] I like how it turned out

And then this one, using grey & white.

Also, an update on the votes for the jewelry farrr...meiko is winning! I think I'm going to wait until someone gets 10 votes, then I'll declare that person the winner :]

I think i'm going to start a "currently listening to" thing at the bottom of all my posts now. Just for fun :P

Currently Listening To: Beyonce - Halo (the only Beyonce song I like, haha).

2 swarovski crystals:

Oni-Chan said...

Oh my gosh! They're so pretty :) Sorry I haven't spoken to you in such a long time, I have been without the internet for the last month or so ;@; I'll try to get on MSN soon and we can do a bit of catching up! *O*/

Juli said...

hehe okay =D