College, Paypal, Credit Card, My car & gas!

Last night I was working on my Biology study guide, and I finished more, faster, than I thought I would o_o A lot of the stuff on the final study guide are the same things on the previous study guides for the previous I already have all the information. Wooohooo. I REALLY hope I get into and study haha. I want at least a B in my biology class!

Paypal credited me $1.95 for some reason. They said it was  "gift" weird lol. $2 I guess? About time Paypal gives me something! I really hate Paypal..yet it's the best thing for online transfers between people/eBay (since I LOVE eBay..)

The other day, I applied for the Amazon Awards Card...I was surprised that I got approved! =D I mean, I'm not saying I'm surprised because I have bad credit or something (because I don't) but just because for other cards that I have applied for, they would say something along the lines of "insignificant information" Like I haven't had my credit long enough or something. Uhm..yes I's been more than a year. I think like two years now since I've had a credit card. Losers. So, since it's an awards card...I'm going to buy EVERYTHING on it, and pay it off immediately, just so i can get the rewards points LOL.  Yes, I KNOW I AM able to pay it off right away. I'm not going to be one of those who wait and wait for it to rack up, and end up owing the full amount of credit available. I don't want that. The only thing that looked interesting to me on the awards was a round trip airline ticket to Hawaii! yeahhh!! 45k points though.. LOL I can do it! Not like I would be able to go to Hawaii anytime soon so, I have a few years to save up :P it's 3 points for ever $1 spent on Amazon (I don't really go on Amazon much...although I did buy my dad a gift on it & a DVD for me =D), 2 points for every $1 spent on gas, groceries and drugstores (definitely going to be using this with gas!!), and 1 point for every $1 on everything else. I mean it's not TOO bad. Cause....$30 on gas..that's 60 points every week right there. So... =] yes.. I gas up EVERY week... I have a V6, so I get about 20 MPG..then I visit Jordon in Anaheim..which is 50 miles round trip. So yeah! Plus, for some reason I think my gas tank sensor is retarded. I KNOW I can go 200~300 miles on 1 tank of gas, but for some reason the gas light will go on when I'm around 180... :/ My dad and I have calculated it out too, that my gas NEEDLE/sensor is about 3~4 gallons behind what it should be. Ex... say the needle is at half, it really should be at the 3/4ths mark. I dunno, it's just retardedddddddddd wow I went on about talking about credit to gas! haha. Okay, this is probably the longest entry I have ever done for awhile... off to clean!!...and probably jewelry a bit...or actually study guide first...Jordon's coming over this week! He's ditching me all week :[

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