Life Checklist

  • Get a degree in Nursing
  • Own a 2009 (or some other newer model later down the line if it turns me on as much ;]) Chevy Camero
  • ^before that...when the Saturn dies... :[ *cries* buy some other cheapy coupe car..Scion TC?
  • Meet Drew (officially, lmao, not see him at Ralphs!) maybe Paul too ;o
  • Be able to do Challenge mode on Dance Dance Revolution/StepMania (on Standard/low steps of Heavy)
  • Weigh 125 pounds
  • Get better at applying makeup haha
  • Own a beach house... when I'm way older maybe, retire?
  • Really learn how to drive a manual car ..since it's been awhile..I probably won't get it RIGHT away when I try again haha
  • Get a best friend that will always be there, and that I can hang out with whenever
  • Own a big screen...61"+? ;]
  • Save 45k points on the awards card for a free plane trip to Hawaii!
  • Get married
  • Get a fancy top of the line laptop (I don't want that one NOW though)
  • Learn to cook more/better. Giada FTW!
  • ...get a new DVD case (which I can do now haha).
  • Get as famous as DSK jewelry with my jewelry
  • Maybe get a business license for jewelry if I become more successful/well-known
more to be added!

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Becky (everyday makeup) said...

I should do a life check list too ^_^

your list is pretty cool.