Orders Update

Well I'm back from my first Las Vegas trip!

It was FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEZING!! I don't think it ever went above 65 degrees!
During the times I was outside walking around, it was probably in the 50s!
leave me alone, 65 degrees is cold to me lol (I live in California remember?!)

Our last night there (Tuesday night), I have to say was soooo fun :)
Thanks for the great memories to these two other guys that were hanging with us during Blackjack & Bacarat at the Cosmopolitan!
yes I remember everything :p we weren't completely drunk, I was still very aware of everything ;]
I found my new fave drink..white russian! haha

I had these pretty seashell earrings on during the drive to Las Vegas...(4 hours from where I live) but my left ear, because it's always stupid, was hurting. I took the earrings out..didn't have any studs to put in (my ear doesn't really like dangle earrings..it's only the left one!) ...sadly now the piercing closed up :( 
Now I'm thinking when I get it re-pierced, I will get a 2nd lobe piercing, always wanted them!
Maybe an upper cartilage too :]

Then I might be able to model some of those cartilage piercing earrings that I make!

The main reason for the post:
 I'm backed up in orders right now,
so I would greatly appreciate patience from you all! 
It will probably take me 2-4 days to catch up, plus with some custom orders I got.
Please please be patient and I'm sorry for the wait! 

thank you all so much for your continued support! :)

this is a bad picture but heeey! it was taken with a cell phone :p
^I have 3 layers on lol, so cold!^

2 swarovski crystals:

siwing said...

lol juli !! 50's is considered *warm* here in va.. hahah. how i wish i lived in cali.. !! hehe hope you had fun in vegas !

Angelique said...

Yeah it gets pretty cold there. Glad you had fun!! White Russians are yummy :D