New necklaces

Gosh it's been sooooo hot!! I can't function in heat :[ ...barely at least. I'm still adding new PayPal Add To Cart buttons on the older designs, (I've been getting a lot of orders on Etsy/eBay), so please be patient! thank you!

Take Me Away Necklace
Gold wing charm
10mm Swarovski Crystal Heart (can be requested in different colors)
18KGP bails
Heart of Hearts Necklace
18mm Swarovski Crystal Heart in Dark Indigo
Heart pinch bail

I kind of just want to get rid of this one.. lol.
Purple Haze Round Necklace
Swarovski Crystal Purple Haze Twist pendant with a heart pinch bail.

Update on the giveaway: 
 It is no longer in process because after the full month, there were only 15 or so participants. So it wasn't going to be completed with only that many entries. Sorry everyone.

Love pack from Mel!! Thank youuu

2 swarovski crystals:

Thifa said...

Ah, pity. I understand why you dropped the giveaway but I don't think that's very fair to your actual readers. I myself was looking forward to it. Better luck next time.

The purple pendant is beautiful btw! :)

~Lisa said...

I love the heart bails!!

And aww...that's too bad about the giveaway! The prizes looked so nice! Especially the masks, I've wanted to try MBD for as long as I can remember. =(