Bracelet PayPal buttons are Up

All the regular bracelets (non-cluster) have updated PayPal "Add To Cart" buttons! =]
Slowly adding the updated buttons...
if you have issues ordering with the buttons, please drop an e-mail.
I will make a cluster bracelet soon! I really want to. But I've been extremely busy with orders from Etsy & eBay. I got caught up last night..but go more lol. So once those are done today (hopefully!) I will make one. I have some new pearl colors I want to use!!

BTW.... I'm probably gonna send out some love packages soon ;]

2 swarovski crystals:

Kym said...

this reminds me of the pearl bracelet i got from you before! it's one of my faves to wear! :D Btw - i just noticed you changed your name to Jujubeads now!!! i likeeey! :D

April said...

Those are gorgeous!