New Jewelry! HK earrings, regular, necklace and bracelets

Angel Kitty Drops Earrings
Angel Hello Kitty Charms, All sterling silver. Swarovski Crystal top drilled bicone in light Amethyst and white crystallized pearls.

Crystal Charming Necklace
14mm Swarovski Crystal AB Heart on a Sterling Silver Bail
Wing, crown, star & bear charm
22" long

Be My Star Earrings
Sterling Silver Studs. Star charms & a pearl :] Sterling silver pins & jump rings. About 1" in length. $5
Don't judge me by the name of this bracelet! LOL. 

Like I have said before.. I'm very uncreative when it comes to thinking of names....

 Lunch Date Bracelet
Swarovski Crystal bicones in sapphire, 10mm Swarovski heart in Light Sapphire
Crystallized white pearls along with a crown, wing and star charm.
...Perfect bracelet for a lunch date! 

2 swarovski crystals:

Stacey said...

What a cute name for your necklace! See, you're creative! :)

Kym said...

you've really been into the HK lately huh?! so cute! and i think you name your jewelry just fine.. in fact, i LOVE the name "lunch date" :D

I just read your previous posts about prices and people bargaining... you know what, maybe you SHOULD shut that store down, it's not even worth your effort and time!!! About your pricing, i started out the same as you... i wanted to get known first and now i'm slowly raising my prices. At the same time you have to be proud of what you do right? Keep doing what you do Juli!!! We <3 you!