Bow earrings..and some feedback!

 Thanks to those of you who left some feedback on my most previous post. I appreciate it. I'm glad to know people do check out my blog :] heh

And now thank you for those who left some on this post :]
@Stacey: that's exactly what I'm trying to do, put it low... get a little known, then start slowly putting prices up slowly :]

So, I'm sorry to some of those other jewelry makers whom I might have "stolen" a customer's order from because of my prices, do appreciate your work too! but as others have said, I'm just doing what I have to do to get a little known :]

The main reason why I don't price my jewelry up to match other jewelry makers, is not to shut them out, but just because I think that if I have my jewelry at higher prices, no one would buy it! (Of course I would love to have my jewelry at higher prices, hah)
(Example.. cluster bracelets, I've had a few for a few months, priced around $24, no one bought them, and suddenly when I had them on "sale"for $15, then people bought them! But I put them back up to the $20s zone again. They do take awhile to make after all! But they're so nice when they're finished :D ) I am very slowly increasing the prices though, but my main goal I've been been doing is to not price any piece above $10 unless it REALLY needs to be.

Yea i know some of my pricing on stuff is a bit off... >_> i think i should be pricing my ear cuffs more.. but i dunno since some of the materials to make a few of them doesnt cost a lot compared to other ear cuffs!

Okay! I've seriously been dying since Tuesday....I've been so sleepy/tired and stressing about this exam I had today. In fact, it's like every week now, this 4 unit 8 week class is INSANE. I REALLY wanted to make more jewelry tonight, but I think this is all I can do for now. I'm so sleeeepyyy. (Stayed up late studying last night & woke up early to study some more!) Iiii don't think I did too well on that exam though... :/ It's one of the HARDEST in that class. The rest are a breeze compared to it.

Okay enough of my rambling and onto some cute bow earrings! I know, the name is lame, but blame my brain dead..brain. :p

Hime Bow Earrings
Comes with pink or white metal bows. Sterling silver hooks & pins. Crystal clear Swarovski rondelles with crystal AB bicones.

Lets see if i can manage to make something else, I've really been in a bracelet mood lately and I got tons of new stuff for bracelets!

8 swarovski crystals:

eki said...

Hi Hun,

aww Im sorry you have to deal with this issues,, having and running a handmade store is hard on it self but when you have to worry about people not respecting your work, time and all the money you put into the supplies by trying to bargain with you when your prices are already so cheap I understand how you feel completely! I keep my prices at what I feel are needed for the cost, time and the thought I put into that piece with love.

So I hope people start to see that its not just a piece of jewelry but its a art made by you and respect that!

and also the supplies are not CHEAP to run a handmade store! *jewelry supplies,shipping materials, gift wrapping, gift with purchase, paypal fees, gas for driving to post office* they all add up! :(

so I hope people will really see that for you and truly respect your work!
p.s keep on doing what makes you happy girl<3 :)

p.s.s.your Hime earring are super kawaii!

Best Regards<3

Liana said...

omg i love those earrings! so cute! and don't worry about your prices, you need to charge accordingly for your time and supplies, people need to understand that making jewelry and having your own shop is not an easy or cheap thing to do.
keep it up because you're great! :)

Stacey said...

Hey Juli,

I think what you said makes complete sense... I know some jewelry makers get really offended when others set their prices much lower, but each person has to do what they have to do! I do think by having sales and lower prices to begin with, you can slowly build up a bigger customer base and slowly adjust your prices later. (Hey, who doesn't want to make a profit?) With some of your pricing, I honestly don't know how you even manage to make any profit at all! (15 dollars for a cluster bracelet with that much wire wrapping?!)

Good luck! Your new earrings are very cute as well! :)

rhaindropz said...

just ignore them.. i love your stuffs (^_^)

Ashley said...

Really love the bows!

Mansi said...

aww i just read your last post and hearing things like that makes me really upset for you! :(

why do ppl even try to bargain down something that's already so cheap..? i don't understand.

tbh i would've bought ur cluster bracelets even at original cost! :P i mean.. compare the prices to everyone elses. i think DSK prices hers at 80$ or something... and most others price it at at least 35$+

just let the haters stay in their own bubble and keep doing your thing! :) you'll shine soon enough!

ps. can't wait to get everything :D :D :D

Erin said...

I found your blog through Iyah's blog As Pink as My Juicy. As a fellow blogger I wanted to introduce myself and say how beautiful your jewelry is. I really like the Hime Bow earrings :)

Leah ♥ said...

cute earrings!!! glad I found your blog, I am now following :)

looking forward to your next goodies!!!