Face, hair, nails, random.. :P jewelry coming soon!

I saw Iron Man 2 today!  I liked it except for the parts where it seemed like it dragged a bit :P haha. Ending was nice. I was sad that they replaced Terrence Howard with that other guy, but whatever~
Today is the first day in awhile that Jordon and I won't see each other O_O crazy. 

 My legs are so sore right now...I worked them out A LOT on Friday at the gym... I figured they would be fine by today because I was going to go to the gym with Cathy..but nope! >.< Still hurt. It feels so good and hurts when I stretch haha. I didn't think it would be worth going if I wasn't going to do cardio (the main thing I do). Sauna maybe... but I wanna work up a sweat before going into the sauna but.. I'd still want cardio in there D: Hopefully they're better tomorrow! Because I'm definitely gonna go.

FOTD...You'll learn that I just do simple everyday looks. I like to keep it natural.
I kind of do the same makeup style everyday... but it really just depends on how lazy I am :P I didn't put on concealer or primer this time though.. didn't feel like it, haha
Maybelline Pure Stay Powder Foundation in Buff
Sephora Eyeshadow in Golden Girl
CoverGirl eyeshadow in Bedazzled Biscotti
Covergirl eyeliner in those eye highlights thing..black color
Elf Bronzer in Sun Kissed used as a blush
Maybelline Colossal Mascara
Revlon Lipstick in Champagne on Ice
VS Beauty Rush Lipgloss in Sugar High

I like Sally Hansen's nail polish stuff! This color is Beautiful Berry
The application is very smooth and nice, easy coverage. First coat looked great, but I still put a second coat.
Excuse my ugly toes!

I got my Mom this hair straightener for Mother's Day. She has been wanting it for awhile. I love how fast it straightens! It took me about 2~3 minutes and I was done. It goes up to 400 F i think.
Remington Anti-Frizz Therapy Hair Straightener

Okay, off to doing jewelry lol. I wanna relax right now too D:

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Sherry said...

so pretty :D I like your blog new layout :D

DiWiMakeup said...

I'm starting to work out now that summer's around the corner. What's your usual rountine?

<3, Diana