Trying to diet...--AGAIN. on day 2 ;p

Jewelry update: I'm going to be adding all my ear cuff designs that I made back in the past..I just didn't add them to my blog because the pictures SUCK. but I've gotten requests for those other ear cuffs, so I guess I'll be adding them now! I'll have them added by the end of the weekend.

LOL yay I'm on day 2! finally! hahahah. I love eating too much. I don't REALLY need to diet, because my weigh is average/perfect for my age/height, according to regular health standards. But according to the fashion/crazy media's too much. I've been bouncing around 132~136lbs for like a year, lol. my boyfriend wants to lose weight too, so, if don't go on a diet, he won't either :P he "needs" to according to standards. But i like em with a bit of fat! lol. I like my guys to weigh at least 170-200lbs. I like fat/musclely guys! =] hehYeah yeah that may seem fat to some people..but I like it! I won't date a guy if he weighs within 30 pounds of me, I'll just feel weird.
Yesterday... I just had a grilled chicken sandwich, ate 2 yogurts & pastachios...which I'm now addicted to..
Today...I've eaten ...pastachios and yogurt. I'm not hungry. I bought this drink mix thing: Slimquick drink mix
I guess it's okay...It's waaay to flavored for 16 oz of water. I'm not too fond of berry/grape/cherry things because it reminds me a lot of medicine.  The flavor is okay, but not in my opinion. I'll probably mix more water into it the next time I drink it. 
And I also got:
can't really review this yet. But the pill does look better than some diet pills lol. It's not a gel pill, it's like...a multi-vitamin looking pill. And it's got the color of ube :P (for those of you know what it is...i love that stuff!! <3 the cake and ice cream).

I went to the Angels games on Monday & Tuesday with Jordon. I admit i wasn't toooo bored. I got into it a fewww times haha. Free fleece blanket! If you google'll find it; the stadium broke the world record for the biggest group of people wearing fleece blankets.
He got diamond club tickets in the front row....he's not sure if we're gonna go or he wants to sell them, lol. Well it's tonight soooo..if he doesn't sell them we're going >_< I don't wanna go cause I want him to go to class so I can play Final fantasy XIII :P

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Ana Rita said...

That kind of diet is not very healthy... And you're not be able to maintain a diet like that!
Be careful ;)

Juli said...

yeah I know lol, i don't plan to keep it up for a long time. Just for a few days

Tina-Bobeena said...

i'm trying to diet here too!!! we'll have to keep each other accountable. :) g'luck!