New earrings, Missha, free shipping weekend.

I've been wanting to make earrings with crowns & wings for a here it is!

 Angelic Princess Earrings
Sterling silver hooks, silver angel wing charms, crown charms and 10mm swarovski crystal hearts in bermuda blue.
Hearts can be requested as a different color.

And don't forget...
Free Priority shipping this weekend to people who order $38+!
^For US Residents Only^
Free regular 1st class shipping to orders of $10+!
^For US & International^

To get the free shipping applied, you're going to have to e-mail me your order so I can make an invoice.
Unless it allows you not to select a shipping method when checking out o_o

Free shipping ends tonight PST at 12am.

Omg my friend just linked me to this...the Missha clearance section on their site. I feel a shopping spree coming on. I just got a new computer anyway... :P selling my old one!

1 swarovski crystals:

amynaree said...

the earrings are gorgeous!! thnx for the heads up on the missha sale, now i can't stop adding stuff to my cart!