Free shipping weekend ending.

The free shipping promo is ending in 1 hour! Thank you to those who have placed orders already =D I'll be getting your orders out as soon as possible (some are even going out tomorrow :P)

Free Priority shipping this weekend to people who order $38+!
^For US Residents Only^
Free regular 1st class shipping to orders of $10+!
^For US & International^

To get the free shipping applied, you're going to have to e-mail me your order so I can make an invoice.
Unless it allows you not to select a shipping method when checking out o_o

Free shipping ends tonight PST at 12am.
I just played Final Fantasy XIII for the past few hours, lol. I'm on some map that looks like the Calm Lands from FFX. A lot of stuff in this FF reminds me of FFX! FFX is my favorite, story line wise & there are a lot of pretty maps. I'm attempting to finish all the weird crystal quests things on this map...haaaa...taking me a long time to do that :P I can't beat those giant elephant weird looking shoopuff things! xD i'm still too weak for that! I did just get Vanille Blizzarga & Firaga or whatever they're called.... so awesome for AOEing :P

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