Free Shipping This Weekend!

Hello and Happy Saturday everyone! 
Shouting out...two birthdays today! Jordon's Mom's & my first ex's :P 
Happy Birthday!!

Free Priority shipping this weekend to people who order $38+!
^For US Residents Only^
Free regular 1st class shipping to orders of $10+!
^For US & International^

To get the free shipping applied, you're going to have to e-mail me your order so I can make an invoice.
Unless it allows you not to select a shipping method when checking out o_o

Free shipping ends Sunday night PST at 12am.

I'm going to start putting nice goodies into orders of like $40+ :P
(I already did put like candies or something in every order, occasionally something better, but I'm gonna start doing it way more now in bigger orders)

Edit: I made new business cards :o I think these look better :] 

1 swarovski crystals:

Sherry said...

sherry here :D Forgot to ask if I Am entitle for the nice goodies? LOL.. my order only $40 not over it. LOL