Random & Iced energy coffees

Sorry, no new jewelry yet! I got attacked with orders on Thursday/Friday, and I haven't been home >_< since Thursday morning.  And I got a test Thursday!  Okay, I came home Saturday, but I was only home for a few hours because I have a babysitting job now, yay! I like it =] Going again tonight!

New Lifehouse album YAY! I'm so happy :D I loved their Everything song.. and now that there's a live studio version of it too...woooow D:

I've been wanting to try a good coffee energy drink that I like that I can keep in my fridge. (Easier access than going to a coffee shop :P) Especially for the summer =] I LOVE iced cold coffee so much more than hot.  

On Thursday, I tried Rockstar's Roasted Coffee & Energy in Light Vanilla. It was okay. It kind of had a slight after-taste that I didn't like too much. I would only re buy it if there wasn't another choice.
Right now, I have  Starbucks Doubleshot Light. I like this one more than Rockstar's. There's no weird aftertaste in it. The taste isn't too strong, which I was hoping for. I bought the little 6.5 Fl Oz cans in the 4 pack. I would definitely rebuy it =]

I want to try Monster's coffee ones, but they don't have light/diet :/

3 swarovski crystals:

Dina (XYYan) said...

LOL at the attacked by orders :D. we don't have the doubleshot light at here... :(

Pop Champagne said...

mmm starbucks!! Their drinks are very yummy. yeah I agree lady gaga always wear the strangest things, not necessary artistic but just strange in general lol. Did you add me to fb btw?? :)

Anita (*swtexcape*) said...

oh man.. i could totally use an energy drink right now. i'm falling asleep in class! lol :P

i've never seen the Starbucks one before. looks like smthn i'd wanna try! xx