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 I originally liked the original version, but when I heard the live version.... ooohh

I feel so busy lately! I'm not really home much either. Always with the boyfriend! haha.
I've been having some school issues, about my major. I really hate the biology classes....I would rather take a math class than biology (i hate math too lol). But after talking/thinking about it a bit with my parents & boyfriend...guess I'm still sticking with the original plan. I mean it is a great major since there will always be a job out there no matter what for Nursing.
We went to a casino Monday & Tuesday....>_> I had fun Monday but less on Tuesday. Not because of money lost or whatever, I just didn't really like the slots at the Tuesday one. We mainly were doing a wheel of fortune slot machine where if you hit a "spin" you get to spin this wheel that will give you between 25~1000 whatevers ($1s, quarters etc). Mondays one had quarter wheel of fortune slots.Tuesday's only had $1 ones.so.....$1x3 or 5 credits...?:[ goes by fast! 
Then I had a test on Thursday that I had to study for. Annnd I have a bunch of jewelry orders! Whichh I need to do tonight. Random:I can't find my phoneee.I'm eating some bar from the brand Pure Protein in chocolate chip..it sucks lol. I'm really sleepy right now :[ I had 6 hours or something of sleep Monday night, up for 18~20 hours on Tuesday, slept for 9 hours (yay!) up for 16 hours Wednesday, slept for 5 hours last night, and now I've been up since 6am.Booo!!
I've been slacking with going to the gym lately :[ Ever since Jordon got sick haha. I finally went, alone, today after about two weeks! Forcedd myself to go haha. I did the cross trainer ramp thing & then sat in the sauna for 22 min. Felt gooood, since I haven't worked out for awhile. I should start drinking more water again...blah.
I'm at Jordon's right now, but he just left for a night class, so I'm invading his room!! Lol. I want to get an energy drink from Wal-Mart (it's right across the street) but I'm too lazy to get up! Well I guess I should get started on the orders I need to do. Hopefully finish those and make some new jewelry! I got some new bracelet claps so I really want to use them :]

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Juli said...

Was that a sarcastic comment, Cindy?

I don't even have any orders with you. Either way, it wasn't appreciated.

kassia said...

You should have a good nights sleep tonight then! Catch up on some missing zzzz :)
I didn't know you were doing Nursing. That is cool!