Random hair post

I usually just put my hair in a pony tail because I'm too lazy to fix it all up. It takes so much time! I just want to be ready & go :P I do care about my appearance..but I dunno. I probably don't have a very extremely high priority on how I look because the friends I hung out with in high school.. weren't really "girly" (honestly they still aren't!) So I haven't actually had a really girly friend :[ I had one, since I was in 1st grade..but she was way too flaky, and I just go to sick of it. I've told her how i felt so many times, and she said she would stop, but nope..nothing. So I finally said "i've had it" last year. 
I've always gotten compliments on my hair though! Because I don't blow dry it and dye it or whatever...so it's pretty healthy, I guess. I do straighten it here and there when I feel like it lol. (my hair is naturally straight, but since I take a shower at night, and sleep with it wet, it gets all wavy/curly since I'm sleeping on wet hair, and we know if it dries in a certain position, it will stay that way!)
Lately.. (this week) I thought that I should try blow drying it and straightening it every time I shower now.. lets see how long I can keep this up! LOL. I started on Thursday night :o
In the very front of my hair part, I have this bit of hair that wants to stay to the right, when I want it to go left. no matter how much gel/whatever I put, it ends up sticking up because it tries to go back to the right! LOL. annoyingggggggg. it does it mostly when my hair is dry. still kind of when it's wet, but not as bad. it's just..uhhhhghghgh lol. >:[

I saw Cop Out last night! It's good :D I don't think some Mexicans may like it though... it kind of disses them.. a lot. but then again, who doesn't >_> I'm half Mexican/Spanish (grandma is Mexican, Grandpa is Spanish but born in Mexico..so Mexianard? lol I dunno)...but, I honestly think I'm an American Asian in a Filipino/Mexican body :D I always wished I was Japanese lol. I dunno why!

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Beauty Vibes said...

Hmm, Perhaps because the Japanese have flawless skin and the latest gadgets >.>