Contest winner & new earrings

Contest winners:
January Jewelry Contest: Iyah
Be My Valentine Contest: Kym

Since I already have both your addresses, I'll be sending it out either this week or next week.
Thank you to everyone who entered.

My first gold piece:
For You Earrings
Very uncreative name, I know. But it's the best I could do tonight.
14kg gold, indian pink bicones & swarovski hearts

Crystal Keys Ear Cuff
10mm swarovski crystal AB hearts, cat's eye white heart, 6mm crystal clear round swarovskis & key charms.

I would post/blog more, but I'm not really in the mood right now, sorry :[

5 swarovski crystals:

Dina (XYYan) said...

congrats to the winners! those earrings are so beautiful :)

Iyah said...

yay!! congratulations Kym! :) and that's such a pretty earrings! ^_^

Blair said...

Congrats winners! Juli, your earrings are so pretty!!!

Kym said...

WAIT ?!?!?! ME?? ME?? I WON?!?! WOOHOOOOOOOOOOOO! yay! hahaha! thanks so much Juli! looking forward to receiving it! congrats to Iyah as well! <3

Makeup Theory said...

You make pretty jewelry.