Urban Decay, gym, food, and so on!

Phew..just got back from the gym. Jordon's making me go!

So, mini review on Urban Decay's Complexion Primer Potion- Pore Perfecting 
I think it's definitely worth it.
  • The coverage on it is very nice, all you need is a little pea sized amount, and it covers your whole face.
  • It's a white smooth, silky cream, it goes on VERY smooth and silky! After application, your face feels smooth. There is no greasy after feel or look. Your face won't look shiny.
  •  When applying foundation after, my makeup went on much easier. (usually I just use a face lotion before foundation).  
  • It doesn't feel like anything is on your face.
  • Has a "matte" look.. (at least on me)
  • You can even wear it alone, but me, personally, I would at least put powder if I did though. 
  • When I applied concealer under my eyes, that's where I noticed the biggest difference for me. the concealer went on very nice. Usually it tends to get all..bunched up? I dunno, I can't describe it lol. I just use Cover Girl's liquid stick concealer thing haha. Remember, I'm cheap :]
  • nowww...after I went to the gym...and go back...just now.. I can still tell it's on my face, even after the sweating!! lol. 
  • Any other questions? :o
Jordon signed up this year at the gym, for 2 years, and wants me to join too :[ He got me a 24 day free trial, so I'm gonna use that up until I sign up. I wanna go..but I'm just so damn lazy, lol. I want to weigh 120lbs, I'm bouncing around from 132~135lbs, depending on what Jordon & I ate the day before LOL.
I'm mainly using the treadmill.. and walking :P 4mph! yeahhhh. I did 2 miles so I think I'll keep it as that...because it took 30minutes haha. Nooo way am I running. I HATE HATE HAAATE running. I don't  think the gym by my house has a sauna...Jordon's does D:

Any gals live near Mission Viejo to go to the gym with me?!?!?! LOL.

We're going to *try* to not eat out as much LOL...or at least eat healthier... we went to Food4Less last night at like 11pm, to buy fruit for this week, lol. Dude, Ralphs had an ad for 3 avocados for $1, I seriously have to go hit that up. I LOVEEEEEEE avocados. I can just make an avocado sandwich and I'm happy LOL.

I'm at 39 followers!!! Almost 40 :P and I think it was 4 entries, lol. You guys have a HIGH chance of winning :P I'll definitely do another giveaway. Probably for 100 followers ;] I'll start setting that up. I already have stuff :]

I'm totally digging these VS bras I bought last week :]

Oh my gosh I totally forgot I had tags to do last week! O_O I should do them this week.....aka today or tomorrow..since that's when Jordon works..and I'm going to him on Thursday..and him to me on Friday..ooh.

School starts again next week! poo.

I'm hungry!

Jewelry post will be later tonight, or tomorrow.

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Zoe said...

Sounds like a really nice product , too bad we don't have that brand here^^;
I am too lazy to go to the gym infact recently I am planning to take yoga classes but still not suire if I won't become lazy, ha ha ha..

Angie said...

:) i checked out your earrings and i love the double stud ones! i rarely see those sold in the states.

you have great prices! now i just need to track down a paypal :*