Ear Cuffs & Followers giveaway

Edit: Finished the earrings add to cart buttons! time to play....DDR :P (well, stepmania).

Whoever it was that pointed out that the ear cuffs are gone..thanks. I have NO IDEA what happened to it. The ear cuffs post isn't even in the post list :[ So I guess I gotta redo it. Til then...stay tuned!

I guess people haven't read the requirements for the giveaway, only two people or so have :P to officially be entered, you need to post on the giveaway post with your e-mail address. not just be a follower. 
in reality, there's only 2 people following! ;p ...if you get what i mean. haha

1 swarovski crystals:

Veronica Park said...

I commented <3. Hopefully those are back soon ^///^. I'd like to order as soon as they are up again.

Also, I sent an email-perhaps it got lost in transit?- because you never responded.
Is it possible to change, for an extra fee, a necklae with one 10 mm heart to that of a bigger size? such as a 20mm or 24 mm?

such as here