Gym, workout...weight!

Whoo, I got a gym buddy =] her name is Cathy & I met her from craigslist!
We met at a 24 hour gym near my house today at 10. I think that was the most I've ever worked out for awhile lol. 30mins on a stepper slider thingy, I forgot the name. 30minutes or so using the work out machines for arms, legs & abs. Then the last bit stretching.
I usually hate working out...but I gotta say... I liked that work out! Cathy & I are probably going to go again on Sunday.  I drank 2 1/2 BOTTLES of water just during that time!

And I am losing weight like I said =] I told Jordon, I would be 131 to 130 when he comes back, and he said he would be 210 (he's 190~200, and he definitely does NOT look like it. i'd prefer my guy to be fit/slightly over average weight anyway. 160~170 on a guy is too low IMO >< at least 180~) HAHA. I'm hoping I hit 130 :o gotta work my ass off then :P and probably eat TINY amounts today/tomorrow hahaha.

From the day Jordon left...
Wednesday: 134.2lbs
Thursday: 132.8lbs
Friday (today): 132.2lbs
Edit...Saturday: 132.2lbs
DAMNNN! DARN IT FOR HAVING RUBIOS AND SUSHI LOL Faaaaaaack :P bye bye drop 5 pounds in 4 days goal LOL

I didn't go to the gym all week, except today (no, I didn't starve myself either LOL. I LOVE food too much. Like, I'll say I won't eat, but I still do :P) I'm hoping tomorrow, that I'm 131.something =] or 130.something if I get lucky ;o...that would be probably if I don't eat dinner, or eat a TINY amount tonight hahaha. I had a Rubios salad for lunch because my mom asked me to come have lunch with her at her work in San Clemente.
We shall see tomorrow =]
My ass feels so tight right now hahaah. The stepper thingy whatever, it works the ass and front thighs. then I did a few ass/leg things on weights too.....I feel good =D hahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhha...................... my gosh, I hate to say it, but I think I'm going to start liking the gym! Thanks to Cathy! =] Time to get an official membership! ooooooh.

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amynaree said...

good luck on your work out!!! i need to start hitting the gym too but i'm so lazy!

Denysia said...

My boyfriend weighs around 160-165 lbs! He's actually pretty skinny. He use to tell me that he had a six pack, but i don't believe him, because I've never seen it!

Kym said...

again, kudos to you! i've never been able to stick to a workout routine! =S

have a great rest of the weekend ms juli! ;P

Kelly said...

I dont think dropping weight that fast is healthy, but ur determination is esencial! good luck and keep it up, u'll make it!

Manju said...

working out does give you a high. just keep rotating and trying different machines so you don't get bored