Earrings, lipstick, nails, clothes and so on!

No one else wants to enter into the january jewelry contest? :O If not, then Iyah is automatically the winner!! hahah

Also..you gals know that Target & Walmart sells the new Maybelline eyeshadow quads right? =P Since I saw that a few of you bought them online!

Valentine's Day themed earrings =] I REALLY like these

 10mm rose & crystal aurora borealis swarovski hearts, all sterling silver except the chain.

10mm swarovski crystal AB hearts, indian pink & light rose bicones. All sterling except the chain. 

...........JORDON CAME HOME TODAY, YAY ;P gonna hang out with him all week since it's his last week of winter break, before school. I already started last week, but there's nothing going on.
I finally got a picture frame for my favorite pic of Jordon & I =]

Love package from Zoe!! =D thank youuuuu~~ <3
At first when I saw it, I thought "Thailand...what..I didn't order anything from Thailand..." (thinking it was jewelry supplies or something)...buuuut...Then I was all "OOOOH ZOEEE" hahaha.

I went on a Lady GaGa downloading spree last night of the unreleased/rare songs :o I didn't like THAT many, but I did get some new ones I liked =D I reallllly like "NO WAY," "Kaboom," "Paparazzi (Tommie Sunshine Edit)" and obviously a few more of the rarer tracks, but I'm lazy to list haha. Some are just plain weird though..but she is a weird person anyway :P

I went to Pac Sun in the Irvine Spectrum because I started missing Jordon, and I have to keep myself occupied or I would get all emo and whinny :P haha....got two more shirts! $11.50 total =]

I got a mirror for the door in my closet, yay! =D I've been wanting one for years. Wearing one of my new shirts ;p


Lipstickssss I've been in need of them lately, for awhile, bad. There was this one that I've been dying to get for months, but I never did. I bought 3 =]

Naked lips

Tinted Taupe by Maybelline

Heather Shimmer by Rimmel

Birthday Suit by Rimmel

It's official, I'm now in a crazy fake nail phase!! I really like these, and I can't wait to try them out =] I HAVE to get the packs with 24 nails though, because the ones with just 12..don't all fit me. Gotta be square & medium too :o I don't like those long ass ones >_<


I actually want to go to the gym!! I'm too achey today though =[ I bought a membership to 24 hour fitness for 2 years.....ooooh crazy.

5 swarovski crystals:

Denysia said...

You have really nice lips! I wish mines were that nice looking!

I love decorating fake nails, but I never wear them, because I can't seem to get a hang of typing with them on the computer!

herro said...

awesome shirt you've got there! and acckk! wait for me! i'm going to submit a photo for your jewelry contest since i now own a piece! hehe! when is the deadline? :)

Manju said...

birthday suit is such a pretty color! want want want!

Iyah said...

such nice swatches juli! and am I really?? *excited smile** :))

Zoe said...

Wow, the valentine themed earings are soooo pretty^^ Congrats to Iyah, I actually wanted to enter but was waiting for my orders..ha ha ha..I love ur shirt, it's so lovely...I also love ur Birthday Suit lipstick ,u have gorgeous lips^^