Clothing Shopping Spree Pics...random talk..PIC HEAVY.

Okay, so I haven't started on the orders yet....haha... I was cleaning & organizing my closet! :P doesn't look THAT organized in a picture...but hey, it's pretty organized and neat to me :[

See... I told you I wear a lot of black, lol. Grays too. I guess Jordon's gonna change that :[ I think I mention him in every post I've made.

Yay! New pic of us =D Look at my nice fat arm..ooooh yeah sexy. LOL.

Pics from Jordon..oh for those curious, he left me for Las Vegas :P He's going with a couple of his brothers because one is leaving for the Army.

And guess where his brother booked them...


Keep reading to see my new clothes! :P

I'll start off with a picture of my scratch cards whoring.

I've already turned in a few that I won. The most I one on one card was $10 haha.  The ones on the left are ones that I need to redeem money =] I didn't make up what I spent..more than half though.  You can enter the non winning tickets into drawings..

Oh, also, last week, Jordon & I went to a first time! I was playing roulette the whole time...I put in $40, GOT UP TO $100!! Just doing $4 each bet. Then.. I was stupid...didn't leave..and started betting $10, and it died from there haha. I put in another $20 to try and get it back...noooope LOL.

So here's what I bought! I would have kept my face in the pic, but I'm currently breaking out bad :[ sadly...D:< It started New Years...ahhaah D:<
 Excuse my fatness =D
And excuse the horrible picture quality.
 I didn't feel like taking a lot of time taking these pictures & I couldn't take a picture with a flash..because we all know the flash ruins mirror pics :P

I've never really bought brand name clothes before :o

Shorts first!

These are cute..

Workout shorts:

Dark blue shorts, light gray yoga pants, dark gray yoga pants on top of my piles of new clothes :P

Bikinis! I love the star one


The darker one has silver shimmers which you can't see in teh picture..

Hot pink and bright blue..

Lost & O'Neill

Random hoodie & "Goddess" top

End of the shopping spree!

Random pic...18mm swarovski crystal heart in bermuda blue! Pretttyyy :P
Got it for a custom requested order.

It's the trail mix I mentioned that Jordon got me addicted to!

9 swarovski crystals:

Denysia said...

You have a walk in closet??!! I want one of those! My closet is so jammed packed with clothes, I think it's about to explode!

By the way, you and your boyfriend look super cute together! And don't you just love yoga pants? I wear them everytime I'm just at home lounging! :D

Jaclyn Rose said...

cute clothes... love the t-shirts you got, but that hot pink and bright blue are DC, not Etnies =X Etnies logo is an E.. hehe. my kids where a lot of DC clothes and shoes so I know the brand logo well. I love PAC SUN's sales.. I always find good deals there.

Zoe said...

Wow..ur closet is so organized^^I so love ur hoodie and Goddess top, they are so pretty..You and ur bf look so sweet in taht picture and I don't think ur arm looks fat at all..

Pop Champagne said...

lovely shopping spree! hehe I'm like you at a casino, I dunno when to stop and the next thing I know all my money is goneeee lol. Hope Jordan has fun in Vegas and buys you something nice when he gets back! :D

Samantha said...

wow u r so lucky to have that closet!
i bet you and jordon could have an orgy in there hehehe
anyway i love the trail mix!
its so healthy. i think. keep it up in the sky.

Uguu said...

Oh My God Juli! You haved SO MANY crothes!! Your boy friend is Super kawaii desu ne. What is a Hooters? We do not have them here. I love your Shorts too, I bet your Legs are loving the feel of air on them, while exercising. Otherwise it is too hot, I think, to exercise while in Pants.

The heart is, Super cute too! I cannot wait to be seeing a new jewelry with it.

Loveu, Uguu <3

Juli said...

Haha where do you live? =P
It's basically...originally a restaurant where guys go to see girls with small tight white shirts and red short shorts with huge boobs :P
But Las Vegas opened a Casino/Hotel version of Hooters apparently.

Uguu said...

I am from Singapore, so it is of a very crowded place. But I Love it here, I have gotten used to the many crowds of peopre over the many years I have lived, while I am twenty now. Unfortunately, I do not have a Way to order Jewelry from you, but I think it is okay if I admireu them anyway yes? ^~^

I am very curious, how did you meet your Boy friend? He is very CUTE! Something I do not Find here in Singapore very often, he has an very American way about him, like cows and ketchup or so. Or maybe the potatos! I hope This is of making sense, I am sorry for the poor Engirsh.

I hope to Hear from You soon! I think I will make a profile so that I may be abre to Follow your jewelries!

Loveu, Uguu <3

Juli said...

Maybe it would be easier if you e-mailed me?

Ahh...I'm not liking crowded places lol. Where I live, Orange County, Southern California...even the crowdedness here is bothering me!! Haha. Oh well, life goes on.

Of course it's alright that you can still hang around my blog and admire ^-^

Surprisingly....I met my boyfriend on a website called craigslist! They had a "personals" forum/listing on it. Yes, he's very white haha. White, brown hair, blue eyes is my type/weakness in guys. I LOVEEE it.
My first boyfriend was mexican (I went with him for the heck of it) attraction at all. 2nd...BIG..tall..brown hair, green eyes...way too geeky :P..and size was too much, I want to be able to hug and put my arms around a guy :[ my mexican ex was kind of overweight too, but shorter than me by 2 cm or so.
Now Jordon...oh my <3 haha.
When I posted, honestly I didn't think I would find someone. I know EXACTLY what I want in a guy, probably because of my maturity level or I had a "requirement" list in my posting HAHA! but lucky enough, I found Jordon =D Out of about 150 replies... I ONLY met Jordon, and picked him :o
It's his first relationship that's kind of fun =]

Yes, do make a profile so you can follow ^-^ I'm sure it will be easier.
No problem, your english is fine, I know exactly what you're talking about. <3