Ahhh! Someone stop me from spending money! Lol. I've been shopping the past two days...

Seriously gotta stop now hahaha.....Mainly clothes...then I got in a scratch card mood...uhmmm then I needed gas!! Lots of money spent D:

Jordon made me buy a bikini for this year... I have never worn a bikini in my life, I hate my stomach :P plus, I don't think I have the boobs to fill it hahahahaha
I guess it's some motivation to lose weight? haha. I mean it fits me, but for it to look better.
(My goal, starting today, is to get 132 or less by Monday :P I KNOW I can do it, I've done it before lol)
Funny thing is, I had to go back because I'm a medium....the bottom was a medium but the top was a largeeee. I can't believe I didn't notice that. So I went back to exchange it at a different place..and great, I found more clothes I liked! (this is Ross by the way). I found another bikini I actually liked too... black with rainbow colored stars. For $8!! I had to get it. $8 FOR THE SET. THE SEEEET! That's a friggin deal. The other one I got was green, and $10 for the set ;]

I'm a cheap shopper, so I try to always buy stuff for under $14 lol.

..two bikinis, a few shirts, a HOT PINK SHIRT omg..I was at Pac Sun searching through their "Take an additional 50%" saw a hot pink shirt....... took a picture and sent it to Jordon..randomly tried it on..LOL. And asked him "yay or nay" with a picture of me wearing it..he said yay. Great D: More pink! I got a black LOST shirt with a pink heart & wings on it :] cute. Uhmm..and some other blue shirt :P Along with a tank. 4~5 shirts for $25. Deaaaaaallll!!!

Jordon also had me buy some shorts for working out...I bought these Reebok ones (for $8 ;]) so with hot pink stripes on the side. Then these maroon colored ones..forgot the brand, but those are comfy too. And a few other shorts... and two more yoga pants (I LOVEEEE yoga pants).

I wanna take pics of the clothes..but I'm lazy..but I want to at the same time...hahaha :P

Anyone want to see my shopping spree clothes in pictures? haha. 
And my scratch cards spree? LOL

I'mmmm going to clean my room now! Then I have some orders to do, like one for Zoe! =D
I want to make some new designs too.. I got lots of time right now since this is day 1 of Jordon leaving me for 5 days! =P

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Denysia said...

Sounds like you had a good time shopping! :D

amynaree said...

i love shopping! just can't seem to get enough lol pls do post photos of your spree :)

Vanilla said...

post the photos please

Zoe said...

Shopping = girls...ha ha ha...I can't seem to stop shopping though^^
Good luck on loosing ur weight, YOU CAN DO IT..