Post office & new tower

Wow, sorry girls, I can't send out your jewelry today :[
I was planning on getting up early to go to the post office (since we know how crowded it is now...........) i set my alarm for 7:50am. buuut, i just turned it off when it went on lol. i got up at 9:15am...took a shower/got ready, got distracted..left like at 10:15 (>.<) got to the post office...NO parking AT ALL. it was just crazy. I HATE the post office i go to because it's a one way, TINY parking lot. it's fine during the year, but it is seriously not designed for the holidays. i went around the TINY..parking lot like two times, and no parking, so i just gave up and went to Target :[ i don't like staying in there because that parking lot is very accident prone :/ every time i've gone around now, i've almost gotten hit each time... and it's even crazier since there's no parking in the street for it, and the closest parking structure is the mall, but that's a long walk o_o so noooo.

I'm going to Anaheim tomorrow to spend time with Jordon (we haven't spent a full day together for about a week and a half! that's a lot for us :P I know it's not THAT bad compared to other relationships who see each other only 1~3 times a month, but we're used to seeing each other at least every other day, so leave me alone ;p i have been in that situation/relationship where you only see each other 1~4 times a month though. my ex lives in San Diego, which is a 1 hour drive one way from me...that wasn't fun. i really can't believe i did that lol).

....anyway, my point was to bring Jordon/Anaheim up, lol, was that i'll be going to his post office by his house tomorrow. hopefully it's less hectic than mine..

I was also thinking about buying a new tower since ANY new PC is better than mine. it's only 1.6ghz, 1gb of ram and 138gb :[ i was looking at the new ones..and daaaaaaaaaaang...most of them start off with 2gb ram and 350gb @_@ that's nuuuuuuuuuuuts (which is why i said ANY new one is better than what i have :P)
why don't i just get a laptop you may ask? because my desk, is designed to have a desktop (it's huge) and i'm getting a bigger monitor for Christmas because i use my computer to watch movies cause I don't have a TV in my room :P
i cleaned out some of my disk space last night & changed the computer settings to high performance (i had it on energy saver) it seems to be helping now, less lag, but we'll see in a week or so.

and i don't see and difference with having this new Windows Vista Service Pack 2 installed that my pc was making me install at like 2 in the morning last night xD

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Kym said...

ahhh yes, postoffice during the holidays is a nightmare!!!! =S everyone is so last minute too. haha! ;P

and wait... nutella with pretzels?!?!? i have yet to try that, sounds good though!

i'll be +1 to get you to your 40 for your giveaway :)