Blair's Bracelet, Royal Hearts & An Anniversary

Blair asked me to make a custom bracelet for her. Here it is.

My mom showed me her anniversary (with my dad of course) present, and it's a heart necklace with clear/diamond shaped heart with an amythest heart in the middle. So got inspired and wanted to make a necklace using the same colors. (except the heart is diff, but whatever :P)

And new earrings!

3 swarovski crystals:

amynaree said...

the bracelet you made for blair is so cute!!

also loving that necklace and earrings, very romantic :)

Blair said...

Nicely done! An Anniversary is just gorgeous whilst Royal Hearts are cute and princess-y!

Needless to say, I love my bracelet to bits! hahaa~

Iyah said...

Beautiful pieces! ^_^

Yay I can't wait to get my order ;D