Store is back on :) Back from a cruise

Jujubeads is back! :P

I had a great first cruise
(hence why I said I would have no access to a computer for a week :P)
Everything was good....except for the fact that while I was in the wallet dropped out of my purse. Although, I did get my wallet back but the money wasn't there. The casino went to investigate and I got $185 back. I swear I had at least $220 :( 
Now...I think that person copied down my credit card number and are trying to transfer themselves money! AHH! I already called the Fraud department and reported it.
I gained like 4lbs this week lol. Gotta diet for a wedding at the end of this month...

 Wearing a Rockstar tank in Cabo! haha. 
BF wore his too and SO many of the locals (the ones who surround you asking "WATER TAXI?" "WATER TAXI?" "COME IN" "WHAT DO YOU WANT TO DO TODAY?" "BEACH?" "WANNA GO TO BEACH?" etc... I was getting a bit annoyed)....the locals that were trying to sell cigars kept asking Jordon if he smoked weed LOOOL!

 Professional pic! There's a few more.

Custom order

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Maeve Rachel said...

Looks like so much fun! The earrings are pretty =)