MOVING DAY THURSDAY! Simple, Elegant--Beautiful, Teardrop earrings

I'm moving into an apartment with Jordon on Thursday! ahh! i haven't packed yet! I don't feel too rushed on packing since my house currently is about 5 miles away from the apartment, lol.

processing time is still going to be 2-10 business days.

You will still get an e-mail from me upon shipment 
(for those of you who order from my blog)
the ones who ordered off Etsy or somewhere, go look at the invoice to see if it's marked as shipped
honestly, spending time messaging each and everyone of you individually right now is not as productive as making the orders!
^hope you understand that^

I just LOVE these Swarovski Teardrops. Bermuda Blue seems to be the most famous--and also my favorite one :)

Stardust Teardrops Earrings
24mm Swarovski Crystal Teardrop in Crystal AB
6mm Stardust beads
Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Studs
Length from top of the stud: 1.5"

(I know these are more on the pricey side, but these teardrop pendants are $$$!)

Ocean's Tears Earrings
24mm Swarovski Crystal Teardrops in Bermuda Blue
6mm Swarovski Crystal Rondelles in Jet Black
Sterling Silver Kidney wires
Length from top of kidney wires: 2"

1 swarovski crystals:

o0SerenityAngel0o said...

oh wow I absolutely love the blue ones. They're gorgeous :)