New ear cuffs/double piercings

Ear cuffs.. I know I know, I need to make some regular stuff 
(it's just because ear cuffs are so popular!)
I probably will today.

Remember everyone..
any of these cuffs can be switched out with a stud for those with a cartilage piercing :]

Surgical steel studs.

NEC57 Ear Cuff Set
Purple seashell moon and a black Swarovski bicone dangling from a non-tarnish silver wire ear cuff. 12mm antiqued silver star charms.
NEC58 Ear Cuff Set
8mm Swarovski Crystal star in Light Sapphire on the cuff.
12mm antiqued silver star charms on the studs.
NEC59 Single Ear Cuff
6mm Swarovski Crystal butterfly in Aquamarine
6mm Swarovski Crystal flower in Crystal Clear
NEC60 Ear Cuff Set
Mini bright silver plated cross charm on the cuff and antiqued silver cross charms on the studs that are a little shorter than 1" tall. Black & silver chain
NEC61 Ear Cuff Set
Swarovski crystal bicones and an antiqued silver bunny charm on a non-tarnish silver wire cuff.
NEC62 Ear Cuff Set
12mm antiqued silver star charms
NEC63 Single Ear Cuff Set
Angel wing & Eiffel tower charms.

4 swarovski crystals:

DinaXYYan said...

Your ear cuff designs are so pretty! I esp love the last one :)
*poke you back* :D

Kym said...

great work juli! i wish i still had my cartilage piercing - it kept getting infected... so after the 4th time, i gave up. haha!

Blair said...

I love your cuffs! So tempted to purchase even though I don't have a need for them hahaha

Iyah said...

Yay for more earcuffs!! ^^ and yes Juli, the baby ko thing made me laugh actually! hahaha!! :)