Jewelry update & life update

There are so many things I want to do, but it seems like there's just no time!
I'm going to be editing some jewelry things on the site here & there
New jewelry pics:
a couple of new ear cuff designs:
NEC53 Double Piercing Ear Cuff Set
10mm Swarovski Crystal hearts in Siam & Crystal AB with silver key charms.
NEC54 Ear Cuff Set
Non-tarnish swirl ear cuff with a little Swarovski bicone dangling from it. the longest chain length dangling from the stud is 2"

I know these pictures suck, I need to retake them.
NEC55 Ear Cuff Set
Silver hollow star charms with angel wing charms. Swarovski bicones dangling from the studs.
Chain dangling behind the angel wing charms is 1.5" long
NEC046 Purple Ear Cuff Set
Just like the original NEC046 but in purple instead of black.
NEC56 Ear Cuff Set
15mm Silver hollow star charms with silver & purple chain

It's seriously feels different in my house without my cat around. I'm so used to coming home, calling her then searching for her. Or as soon as I walk in the door, she's there to greet me. :(

What Juli has been up to...
All december working on orders!
The last 2-3 weeks is where it got even more busy!
-Coming home party for BF's best friend from the Air Force
-Christmas with the family..
-jewelry making/catching up because of Christmas
-Little Barona trip with boyfriend for 1-2 days the week after because we have complimentary stays (hey, free food too... won $140!...Monday/Tues). 
-Then the next day (Wednesday)..his friends wanted to go! So we went back...I just watched this time because I didn't want to lose what I had just won. 
-Rushed jewelry orders the next day (Thrusday)
-Got fat and drank on New Years Eve/night, Chili's Happy hour, raided Wal-Mart after, hahaha, that was seriously the best Wal-Mart trip I have ever had LOL!
-Saturday...relaxed up until 7pm.....then that's when kitty was found..passed away :/
-Sunday..grieved & tried to do jewelry

BF and I were supposed to be on a cruise this week. But it got cancelled due to a fire on our ship a few weeks before! Anyone hear of that? :/ it's so sad..we actually booked it LAST YEAR IN FEB!!! waited a year for it only to get cancelled, ahhhh

So instead...because Barona was having a slot tournament we decided to go again...NO WE'RE NOT ADDICTED! SO DON'T THINK THAT! lol (BF gets like free $80-$100 coupons & we have complimentary night stays AND we get free food! their restaurants are AMAZING (not just the food but the atmosphere. my favorite is Sage)
That was this past Monday the 3rd-5th
Hey I won $300 :p

Hung around at bf's house yesterday...did some jewelry. Now I'm finally back home in the late afternoon... all out jewelry making this weekend! My car needs a car wash too...(the interior is fine, I ALWAYS keep it clean, just the outside).

2 swarovski crystals:

~Lisa said...

Woot! Pretty!!

Iyah said...

great pieces Juli.. and sorry again about your cat :( I know how it feels like to lose a pet :((

anyway, hope you are okay *hugs*

thanks for the bday greetings love!! hope to see you soon!