Busy busy!

Hey everyone! Just a quickie, random, post!
The lovely Edna & Iyah sent me Christmas cards! :D
It's nice to know I'm still thought about since I've been completely MIA from Twitter lately! Thank you girls :D

I'm sorry I've been wanting to send some of you gifts but I've just been too busy >.< They'll probably be sent after Christmas!

The 11th was my cut off date for Christmas gift orders. You can still order but if you want them by Christmas..that probably won't happen!

I think I need to do an all nighter sometime...that will really help me get caught up, lol. (maybe I need to raise those prices a bit... :p) so much to do so little time!

I took a little break on Sunday night...with some wine..and this is what happened...I got bored n ended up curling my hair........... and yeah. I'll leave out the rest of me laying around talking on the phone/web cam/internet chat spamming lol. I don't ever really do my hair often (if I do, I straighten it) but I really like my hair like this! It's just the time to do it :P

And a pic of me & the BF from the end of Oct for his birthday

Now back to jewelry making for me :P 

See ya later~

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siwing said...

hehe your hair w/ curls is so pretty!! you make me miss my long hair!